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Management at Different Organizational Levels

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Essay title: Management at Different Organizational Levels

Management at Different Organizational Levels

In this book there is no basic distinction is made between managers, executives, administrators and supervisors .To be sure, a given situation may differ considerably among various levels in an organization or various types of enterprises. Similarly, the scope of authority held may vary and the types of problems dealt with may be considerably different. Furthermore, the person in a managerial role may be directing people in the sales, engineering, or finance department. But the fact remains that, as managers, all obtain results by establishing an environment for effective group endeavor

All managers carry out managerial functions. However, the time spent for each function may differ. Figure I show an approximation of the relative time spent for each function. Thus, top-level managers spend more time on planning and organizing than lower level managers. Leading, on the other hand, takes a great deal of time for first-line supervisors. The difference in time spent on controlling varies only slightly for managers at various levels.

The relative importance of these skills may differ

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