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What Are the Main Issues and Trends That Affect Marketing Management Nowadays and How They Influence Organizational Planning?

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Essay title: What Are the Main Issues and Trends That Affect Marketing Management Nowadays and How They Influence Organizational Planning?

According to Darymple and Parsons, “marketing is one of the essential ingredients employed by businessmen in their never-ending search for survival, growth, and profits”. The main purpose of this paper is to inform the reader about some issues and trends that are affecting marketing management and how they have influence organizational planning.

The main issues and trends that affect marketing management are environmental problems, income gap, customer dissatisfaction, global competition, environmental deterioration, infrastructure neglect, economic stagnation, low labor skills and other issues. Some of these affect marketing management in a positive and negative manner, because they are problems and are considered opportunities. While reading my sources, I have realized that globalized market means that domestic companies can count on a much larger market potential for their goods and services; bad news is that they will face a greater number of competitors. Next, issue that I considered an issue that affect marketing management is environmental deterioration. Environmental deterioration presents countless opportunities to companies that can create more effective means of cleaning up the environment. Infrastructure neglect will provide huge opportunities for companies in the construction, transportation, and communication industries. Economic stagnation is another issue that is constantly affecting marketing management and the cause is its favoritism for companies that are good. Low labor skills are an issue and it promotes positive results in the business world because it challenges educational and training companies to design more effective programs for upgrading human skills. Last, although I have considered income gap issue as the first issue in my thesis statement, I will now discuss it as my last because it is a never ending issue. Did you know that a large part of the world has grown poorer, not richer, in the last few decades? According to Kotler, although wages may have risen, real purchasing power has declined, especially for less skilled members of the workforce.

Did you know that there are other critical changes that have occurred in consumer and business markets? According to Kotler, in the consumer markets are often characterized by an aging population; an increasing

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