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Essay title: Management

Hi Gilly

Following is some information in regards to the calls made for the upcoming Michael Thompson events of April 2001.

Schedule for M.G. Thompson, Ph.D.

April - December, 2001

April, 2001

April 9 Salve Regina

Rhode Island

Contact: Brian Shanley 401-341-3166

3/30 I called Brian today, he said that he already

has Dr. Thompson's books but would like to have a picture of the

Doc! I gave him contact information just for orders.

April 16 Cranbrook


Contact: Larry Ivens 248-645-3070

3/09-Called, left a message and contact info. 3/22 called, left a

message and contact info. 3/29 I spoke with Larry Iven who

connected me to Debra Rutson. I left a message in

voicemail for her, that number is 248-645-3605

April 17 Winston School

Short Hills, NJ

Contact: Pam Bloom 973-379-4114

3/30 I did not have this contact listed on the previous list that I

had received. However, I did call her today and found that she

can only be reach during morning hours. I left my contact

information with her assistant and I will try her back Monday morning.

April 23 Charlotte Country Day

Charlotte, NC

Contact: B.B. Good 704-943-4523

3/09-I spoke to BB.Good who connected me to Cathy McCorey

who said that I need to speak with Jennifer Hynote. I left a

message for her in voice mail. 3/22- I left her a message in

voicemail. 3/29 left a message for her. 3/30 left a message for her.

April 24 Out-of-Door Academy

Sarasota, FL

Contact: Mike Novello 941-349-3223

3/09 I spoke with Mike Novello and fax him the necessary

information pertaining to Dr Thompson Books. His associate,

Laura Murphy placed an order for backlist only order #6543080.

3/30 I call her and left a message pertaining

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