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Marketing Management

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Essay title: Marketing Management

Singapore Airlines (SIA) started off in May 1947, when Malayan Airlines operated out of Kallang Airport. SIA itself was born in 1972. SIA was in a different position than most other airlines at the time. As there were no domestic routes to serve, it was forced to immediately start competing with international airlines for routes, getting access to airports, securing flight slots and landing rights, and attracting a new customer base. This tough start created a driving spirit to compete and also a dedication to branding, especially in the boardroom. Since then, SIA has grown from a regional airline into one of the world’s leading carriers.

SIA have a young, efficient fleet, an educated staff attuned to quality, and a top ranked hub, Singapore’s Changi Airport, at the centre of their extensive route network. SIA has built up a strong brand name as a trendsetter in the aviation industry, particularly in terms of service excellence, innovation and safety, coupled with consistent profitability, winning numerous awards

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