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Media Free Running

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Essay title: Media Free Running

With the initial location scouting, permission granted, and interviews conducted; it is time to start actually showing the power the sport holds. To do this, the format again calls upon GV’s. This very useful shot is used throughout both documentaries, because of the subject material in focus. If the documentary was about a subject which was less “hands on” such as politics, this type of framing would be less common. Because a lot of ‘jump London’ requires panoramic wide shots, the makers acquired a technocrane™. This telescopic camera crane involves remote controls from grips and operators, and is an extremely advanced tool. The effective use of this technology creates an atmosphere unlike most other documentaries, which is why this particular programme made for groundbreaking television.

‘Jump London’ follows the story of 3 French free runners, and with them comes a strange philosophy, way of life and uniquely: sense of humour. From the vocal

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