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Personal Perspective Paper

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Essay title: Personal Perspective Paper

Personal Perspective Paper

Personal Perspective Paper

As I attempt to ignore the National Football League draft echoing in the background, I drift off thinking about the meaning of "value." Due to the primary topic of discussion during the draft, the first word that enters my mind is "money." This did not fit my assignment so, I begin thinking again and the next word is, "worth." This directs my thoughts to explore the value, or worth, of having the rEsourceSM tool available throughout my M.B.A. program. The resource is a secure and individualized website for each enrolled student at the university. Another valuable aspect of the M.B.A. program is the use of Learning Teams, a team-based approach to enhance individual education. Lastly, I will address the value of problem-based learning. Although a monetary value cannot be placed on each of these topics, an intellectual and efficiency value can easily be interpreted.

The student rEsource offers an interactive "one-stop" roadmap of valuable resources needed to actively pursue my educational goals including a link for the M.B.A. Program Handbook. This handbook outlines the policies and procedures governing the M.B.A. program. The rEsource also provides quick access to my current course materials which provides convenient access from anywhere in the world. A link to the Center for Writing Excellence is also available for assistance in the correct style and formatting as well as offering the ability to submit documents for review. The submission of papers for review will be invaluable for a last minute review of grammar, spelling and a thorough plagiarism check. The rEsource site provides weekly class session links that will keep me focused on weekly assignments. This will be beneficial critical due to the accelerated pace of my courses. A link to the University of Phoenix's on-line library is also available providing an extensive collection of credible research sources for life. The value is the readily available access to thousands of resources for use in assigned papers and projects during my enrollment at the University of Phoenix and the access by alumni of the university for future research projects. Lastly, the site provides access to the Learning Team Toolkit, which contains detailed information regarding the university's use of Learning Teams which enhance an individual's learning experience at the University of Phoenix.

Learning Teams provide a real-world experience for the student as many organizations, including my employer, use a team-based approach for the completion of functional or departmental workloads. According to Dr. Sperling, states that, "learning teams fill several essential functions that are especially beneficial to working adult learners (Sperling, n.d.)."

The true value of the use of learning teams is evident to me as I can take this educational experience and apply in my work life on a daily basis. Not only will I be able to apply this concept, I will be able to offer process improvements at my employer-based upon this experience. The team process will also create valuable critical

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