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Personal Perspective Paper

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Essay title: Personal Perspective Paper

Personal Perspective Paper

Today's professional environment requires working professionals that have the ability to work not only independently buy function as a member of the collective environment working towards the common goal of the industry. Both students and working professionals require immediate access to needed information in order to solve a particular problem being faced with at the time.

The Value of rEsource

With today's busy lifestyles that people lead, time is one of the most vital commodities that students and business professionals wish he or she had more of. Some feel there is just not enough, "time in the day" to accomplish all that is required of them. With the availability of information at the "click of a button", students and business professionals can access information not only within seconds but at any time and at any place they desire.

REsource is a modern compute- based method of delivery and access of learning materials. REsource is a "gateway" to student's electric course materials. "REsource is the University of Phoenix's initiative to deliver all course materials electronically. The purpose of this page is to give students access to a rEsource practice page in order to better understand how to access course materials". Bottom line, rEsource gives the student the ability to search and communicate electronically and

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