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Personal Perspective Paper

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Essay title: Personal Perspective Paper


Personal Perspective Paper

Denise Bivens

University of Phoenix

Personal Perspective Paper

This is the first class that I have fully utilized the rEsource materials provided. In the past I only used it to for the purpose of checking my grades and downloading the ebooks and the learning team charters. After receiving this assignment I decided to check out some of the other links found in the rEsource materials to be very helpful and informative. The eBook Collection, University Library and the tutorials can be utilized throughout the course of the program. These resources are of great value when doing research for personal, as well as team assignments.

Throughout my course of study at the University of Phoenix I have found the learning teams to be very helpful. They give you the opportunity to see things from a different perspective and work with team members from various professional backgrounds. In addition to this learning experience the MBA program has been geared towards problem-based learning.

The learning teams are also very valuable to my learning experience at the University of Phoenix. The learning teams give you a chance to see things from a different view. Most learning teams are compromised of students from various professional backgrounds. All of this experience combined makes for great brainstorming sessions, which can be useful in the problem -based learning program that we are currently in. Problem based learning is priceless when you think about the experience gained in actually working out different scenarios.

The Value of rEsource

The rEsource materials provided online are valuable on many levels. It gives you the opportunity to know what your next class and assignment will be ahead of time, it provides a library equipped with articles, journals and more to use as references to validate your point. The rEsource can also be a valuable tool after you've written your paper and would like to get feedback on it before submitting it to your instructor. This feature is also great if you want to view your grades or pay for your classes on-line. The rEsources page is of great value and I feel that it equips students with the necessary materials to be successful as individuals, as well as in a group setting while attending classes at the University of Phoenix.

The Value of Learning Teams

Although some students view the learning teams as a hassle, I view them as life jackets. Forming learning teams is a process and once everyone has gotten through the four stages of becoming a team the learning experience can be greatly enhanced. Although your instinct is to select people for your team who think much like you, recognize the best teams are a mix of people with contrasting styles and values. Robert Lynch, vice-president of The Miller Consulting Group in Atlanta, suggests you look for diversity when staffing a team. "Conflicts are a part of a good team," he says, "and disagreement is good." Being a part of a team takes work but the reward you get out of it is definitely worth the effort. With my past team I have gained great friends and done some of my best networking. Since most team members come from different cultural and work backgrounds there is a lot to be learned from one another. One team member may be great at research while another is great at doing Power Point. There may be a team member that is great at writing papers but doesn't like to do the research. This is where everyone pitches in with their unique qualities to get the job done and gain some valuable knowledge at the same time.

The Value of

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