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Racial Dividend in the Presidential Election

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Essay title: Racial Dividend in the Presidential Election

Racial Dividend in the Presidential Election

The world can be blind when it comes down to racial dividend. The senator Barack Obama was in a press that finds when Broderick Johnson said, “What about race?” I believe that is not necessary that the people judge the president by the color of the skin instead of what they believe in. Obama is a man that does not depend in racial votes, but the wants people to do what is right for our country.

Obama has been looked at downward by the majority of the citizens, because they say he does not recognize so much black citizens as they expected it. Obama said, “There is no doubt that I’m getting more African-American votes." Barack is saying in this statement that the country is not diving upon the racial lines. He wants to be the United States President without to be judged racially. Others are saying that Barrack is playing the race cards in order to win the election.


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