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Robin Hood Case Study

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Essay title: Robin Hood Case Study

Robin Hood Case Study

1. Robin Hood’s problems are that the tide of events is turning against him and his men. He needs to make some serious decisions and some adjustments to adapt to these new events. He started with a noble cause but it was fueled by anger and he had no long term plan. Now he has to make changes to be successful in the future.

2. Robin Hood and his men need a new mission, objectives, and strategy. His new mission should be to free the people from Prince John and return King Richard to the throne.

3. Robin Hood could join with the barons to collect the ransom to release King Richard. It is risky but it is less risky than doing what he is presently doing which is nothing. If he continues to do nothing he will eventually end up caught by the sheriff, run out of supplies or mutiny will break out among his men. The present strategy is obsolete because the enemy (the sheriff) is now better organized and prepared for an attack from Robin and his men.

4. I recommend that Robin Hood align with the barons. He should help them collect the ransom that would free King Richard.

5. In order for this to work, Robin Hood would have to sell this idea to the Merrymen and the farmers and the townspeople. He has to convince them that the fixed transit tax will go towards their King’s ransom. This will help everyone feel loyal and patriotic to one common cause. The citizens already do not like the Prince John and they would likely unite together and support any strategy that would give them their king back. Robin Hood would also need to hire more lieutenants to help the already overworked ones that he has, given the state of discipline and other problems.

6. Killing

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