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Robin Hood Case Study

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Robin Hood Case Study


? Main issues & problems of Robin Hood Case:

? The increasing size of the band was source of satisfaction for Robin, but also a source of concern.

? Vigilance was in decline, and discipline was becoming harder to enforce.

? The growing band was also beginning to exceed the food capacity of the forest. Game was becoming scarce, and supplies had to be obtained from outlying villages. The cost of buying food was beginning to drain the band's financial reserves at the very moment when revenues were in decline.

? Killing the Sheriff might satisfy his personal thirst for revenge ? moral issue

? Solutions:

? Robin Hood lacked of ability, skills to manage a big size of band when it became increasing in numbers of people and lacked of resources. This was showing that Robin Hood was not a visionary leader who had no a long term plan which includes the new vision, mission for what he was going to do. Admittedly, he was a good leader with ideal of helping the poor to escapes their difficult life and doing well at the beginning when everything was first started with small group. However, he got problems when the size of his group became larger and complicated. He did not know how to solve these problems and he had no solutions for negative happenings to his group, his people and his plan.

? Leadership account for its organization and it needs to be improved by training courses.

? Time management has to be implemented to avoid washing a valuable resource – TIME. Furthermore, the culture of the organization should be changed. Take advantage of free time to do useful things, good jobs instead of playing games, talking…

? Need a strategy for HR's recruitment.

? Become a legal institution to serve the Richard King instead of illegal group which survive and live by robbing people. This type of group cannot last long and has no future.

? Need a supply chain strategy to avoid of shortage of food and the cost increasing.

? Need a diversification of doing business to generate the group's revenue. For instance, escort service, agriculture.

? Build alliances with barons to get the support from them and take advantage of their resources. It also helps the group becoming a legal organization.

Besides, Robin Hood case raised another issue about morality. He could entertain the possibility of killing the Sheriff, but his motivation came from his personal thirst for revenge is not a moral thought.

1. Business Model

Robin Hood with his band of Merrymen "rob the rich and give to the poor", and killing the Sheriff, take it down and take everything belongs to Sheriff.

2. Strategy's Elements

He spent first year forging the group into a disciplined band, the united a band of people who was in enmity against the Sheriff and willing to live outside the law.

? Delegated clear specific tasks to the lieutenants.

? Will Scarlett – security & intelligence

? Litter John – discipline & archery skills

? Scarlock – finance

? Famous motto "Rob the rich and give to poor"

3. Effective Leader

It's "Yes"

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