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Robin Hood Case Study

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Robin Hood Case Study

Business operations of Robin Hood and Merry men:

Robin Hood and Merry men are in the business to steal from the rich and give it to the poor and needy. The organisation which was started by Robin Hood has grown in numbers in the past few years. The structure of the merry men is the typical management style which consists of robin as a CEO and few lieutenants who work on different departments including discipline, information gathering and finance and provisioning. The main objective of the merry men is to overcome their biggest competitor, The Sheriff, who has also grown powerful.

Main Strategies of the Organisation:

The main strategies adopted by Robin Hood and the merry men were:

• Robin Hood and his men can invent internal operations in order to compete against the sheriff.

• Merry men can focus on new market opportunity, competitive advantages, consumer expectations, competitor's actions and technological advances.

• Robin Hood can choose the external and internal focuses and perform a SWOT analysis to figure out the complete standing of the merry men compared to their competitor's.

Problems Faced by the Organisation:

• Lack of discipline.

• Maintenance cost.

• Shelter/space shortage.

• Food Shortage.

• Training (as everyone was welcomed to join the organisation).

• Operating cost.

• Change management (introducing a change for such a large group of people from different background).

• Goal alignment of the individual with that of group.

• Security and vigilance (because

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