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Social Science

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Essay title: Social Science

I knew then that I wanted to devote my studies to learning how body mechanisms react to varying chemicals. Witnessing innovative pharmaceutical research had only intensified my passion for biochemistry, a subject I had become fascinated with in high school; it had intrigued me because it integrated my love of chemistry with my desire to learn more about biological processes.

My A-level studies provided me with a solid introduction to biochemistry; I now seek a greater academic focus and more extensive research opportunities by pursuing a university degree.

Throughout high school, my extracurricular activities sharpened skills I will need in my biochemistry course-even if the activities often involved dance and music rather than science. Each week, I spent the majority of my spare time participating in {List school-related music and dance activities}. I also participated in my local parish's band and was elected Band Leader by the other members. Serving in this leadership position has allowed me to shape a community music program and taught me just how much I have learned about time-management and commitment. My busy schedule has required me to carefully divide my time among my academics, extracurricular interests, family and friends; throughout it all,

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