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Teaching Material for Production Management

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Essay title: Teaching Material for Production Management

Teaching Material for Production Management

Used at a trainers’ training for Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Development National Centre of Armenia: SMEDNC

July 2006

Written by Kazuchika SATO

JICA Expert in Production Management

Preface of the training course

Production management includes all aspects of management techniques in manufacturing, which is necessary to understand for any engineers working in any enterprises. It is closely related with business and has been become science. This course is specially provided for the trainers who will disseminate the basic idea of production management to the people who are working in manufacturing enterprises.

The course has been designed for the trainers to understand the real meaning of production management through actual activities in enterprises. To understand the technique of work improvement in shop floors (work front) in enterprises, this course is planned to write as easily as possible.

We must remind that the good production management has a character of simple, which can be understood by all employees in the enterprise. For good work improvement, participation by all employees of the enterprise is necessary. In that sense, information sharing is very important. To keep a good information-sharing environment, all employees in the enterprise should have the same information and knowledge. As the enterprise has many employees, sharing information is not so easy task. To disseminate the same idea for work improvement to all employees, the simple is beautiful. We must avoid any complicate explanation.

Therefore, it is important to remember the following words. “It is easy to explain an easy matter with difficult explanation, but it is difficult to explain a difficult matter with easy expression. As capable trainers for production management, all trainers SNEDNC in Armenia in should learn the method of explain the matter with simple expression. This teaching material has a character to explain all matters as easy as possible.

The characteristic of this course is not only clarifying the enterprise-wide work improvement activities but also referring to plant engineering management especially in the area of maintenance technique in factories. We must remind that the most important factor for good management in factory is the maintenance.

The course consists of five sessions, (1) the characteristics of production management, (2) the basic of process control, (3) the real meaning of quality, (4) introduction of simple tools for work improvement and (5) introduction of implementation of work improvement in manufacturing enterprises including 5S.

Session 1: Characteristics of Japanese Production management


To understand practical Japanese production management

To learn true characteristics of Japanese production management

To understand the importance of shop floor oriented management

To learn modern Japanese management

To consider how to apply a part of Japanese management to Armenia

Breakdown of the session:

1. Eight underlying principles of

Japanese production management (40 minutes)

2. Two concepts of Japanese Production Management

2-1 Conventional Concept (30 minutes)

2-2 New Concept (40 minutes)

2-3. Orientation towards Work place, quality, details, and people

(20 minutes)

4. Real meaning of productivity improvement ________________(50 minutes)

Total 3 hours

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