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The Quad Business Plan

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Essay title: The Quad Business Plan

Business Plan

The Quad

The Quad will be a Softball/Baseball sporting complex surrounding a full-service Sports bar. There will be four fields, with batting and fielding cages. The Sports bar will not only be full of big screen TV’s to catch all the sporting events but it will also double as a restaurant. The Quad will be located just outside of Columbia, Mo on Hwy WW. There only one other Softball/Baseball complex in Columbia, but it only has the capacity for one game at a time. This plan will be used to help explain my services and gain investors to assist in opening my facility. It will also be the means in which I keep my business in check, with its original service and financial goals.

1.1 Objectives:

1. Sell slots for 16 teams rotating seasons from 8 in spring and 8 in fall.

2. Sponsor 2 annual community league tournaments in the first year of operation. Also keep opening for other summer tournaments for local leagues.

3. Keep food Cost under 30% of Revenue

4. Keep Beverage Cost under 20% of Revenue

5. Maintain a very tight control on cost by hiring experienced management, and sporting officials.

6. Plan on expanding in the next Three years with more sporting events and sporting equipment.

1.2 Mission:

The Quad is a sporting complex and sports bar is designed to be used by the residents of Columbia and the Mid-Missouri area. Focused on bringing the best programs, staff and sports theme restaurant to the area. The Quad is a place to feel at home on the field and in the restaurant. There will be enough TV’s to watch many different sporting events as well as table top audio to be able to focus on what you want to listen to and not the background noise. The Quad is determined to create an unmatched sporting atmosphere for our customers, and our players. We combine great food, sports centered atmosphere and the best sporting facility around to achieve our goal of bringing relaxation and the fun of the game together.

1.3 Keys to Success:

1. Marketing: My goal is to make The Quad a household name. The more word of mouth that gets around about our facility the more customers we will reach.

2. The Atmosphere: My creating an unmatched sporting atmosphere of combining leisure and the excitement of sports, people will frequent our facility more often and we will be able to retain members will increase.

3. Product Quality: Not only great food but great service as well.

4. Staff: By providing our customers with staff who are confident in there knowledge of the business and sports we will make our customers more comfortable and more trusting.

5. Cost: Keeping cost low with no exceptions.

Company Summary

The Quad is a new sports bar/restaurant surrounded by four professional softball/baseball fields. With our sports bar/restaurant we will provide customers both a relaxing and sports themed atmosphere. With our sporting fields we offer the ability to have multi tournaments and practices at the same time.

2.1 Company Ownership:

The Quad will be a limited partnership Corporation that will be privately owned. Cassandra York and Brett Anthony will own 30% of the company each, while 10 other limited partners will own 4% of the company each.

2.2 Start-Up Summary:

Our start up requirements comes to 3,000,000. Included in these costs are land, building, all development costs, equipment and start-up capital.



Start-Up Expenses



Air Structure 215,000

Fencing 90,000

Concrete / Patio 185,000

Site Preparation 20,000

Consultants 3,500

Mechanical 25,000

Basic Landscaping 45,000

Food/Liquor Stock 85,000

Design Fees 15,000

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