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Veitnam War

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Essay title: Veitnam War

Vietnam War

When most people hear the words Vietnam, what does it make them think about? The main answer most people come up with is death, or policing actions of the United States. The Vietnam War wasn't about death it was about the French Colonial Rule of South Vietnam.

"The Vietnam War was the legacy of Frances failure to suppress nationalist forces in Indochina as it struggled to restore its colonial dominion after World War II." This is the start of Vietnam War. This is also one way that America was brought into the conflict of Vietnam.

The war was further escalated by North Vietnam trying to go in South Vietnam and turn them into a communist nation. Then America was brought more deeply into Vietnam as a policing effort to stop communism. "Military leaders viewed the Vietnam War as the Chinese doctrine of revolutionary war in action, (using Chinese and Russian arms to boot.)"

The United States had a geopolitical aim, they were to try and contain the spread of communism. This is one of the main reasons for America to go to Vietnam, to help stop the spread of communism the "United States supported the anti-communist regime known as the Republic of Vietnam,"

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