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Yellow Journalism Essay

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Essay title: Yellow Journalism Essay

Yellow Journalism Essay

Throughout the centuries of our country’s existence, the press and media have held a gargantuan amount of influence over the opinions of the people. In nearly every major event or decision made in the US, the press has persuaded countless opinions to what the author or political powers would like the citizens to think. Every day, people turn on the television or open the paper in order to be informed of facts and stories, to which they then can base their opinions. By leaving out significant facts or quotes that would support the opposing side’s argument, or hyping up their side’s argument, the press can easily put out biased articles without anyone knowing and thus change thousands of opinions. Earlier in 2003, the discrepancy over whether or not to go to war with Iraq was constantly shrouding the media. The media tried to control whichever side, pro-way or anti-war, the people would choose. The press used sensationalistic techniques to sway public opinion to oppose the war by exaggerating protests, showing international opposition to the war, and using religious influences. It was quite the sight and all they had to do was leave out little details to get the people to believe them.

In order to spread anti-war thoughts throughout the entire country, the media and press spoke tirelessly about the protests world-wide and continually barraged the people with propaganda. In an effort to stress the amount of protests and involvement in them, the press printed articles which over-emphasized statistics. One article in particular printed, “Tens of thousands demonstrated in Melbourne, Australia, on Friday -- the biggest peace march the city has seen since the Vietnam War” (Cities Jammed in…). Using these large numbers makes the public think that the majority of not only the United States, but the whole world is against the war in Iraq. In the article, it also showcases the appearance of many Nobel Peace Prize winners at the protests, in hope that this too will change the public’s views. Basically, you just have to realize that the people in the world, especially the Americans will believe anyone that’s famous, has won an award, or was an athlete. I mean, just look at O.J. People only believe him because he’s The Juice.

Printing articles and speaking about world-wide opposition to the war is yet another way for the press and media to change the minds of many readers and viewers. By stating that all other countries are strongly against the war and any type of military action, it is saying that the United States is combating alone. Any time a war is fought, it is imperative to have allies and international support. Reading that there is world-wide opposition puts fear and discomfort into the minds of many Americans when they think of entering a war alone. The press printed an article that stated, “The leaders of the Arab League came out strongly against war in Iraq, asking Arab

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