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Commissions for 2nd Year Gcse Dance

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Commissions for 2nd Year Gcse Dance

Comission Proposals- Myths and Legends

1st Proposal- Robin Hood

The commission

states the production is aimed at Year 6/ 7 students with the objective to educate and entertain. The theme of Robin Hood is an extremely famous legend that students aged between 10 and 12 will have at least heard about if not already studied. The famous theme from the legend Robin Hood was 'stealing from the rich and giving to the poor'. This provides the educational side to the dance which will hopefully encourage the Year 6/7 students to consider if this is morally right. This will be presented in a battle between two dancers, one fighting for the good who are poor and one fighting as the rich who are evil. These moves will also provide the entertainment side to the dance.

The type of performance that would be most suitable is a duo using moves of contemporary

dance to demonstrate the battle between rich and poor. The idea of a duo is most relevant as it enables a simple dance of conflict to occur between two enemies. In this case, one dancer will respresent either side, the rich or the poor. This idea could also be included into the workshop. For example, if the class being tought is organised into parteners it could be up to either themselves or us, the leaders, who would dance to represent

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