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Cultural Filmes

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Cultural Filmes

In my very personal opinion, we learn a little bit of every single film we watch, even more if they are based on true stories, so… Why can't they bring us a little bit of culture of any country? As soon as we can see the difference between the real and the unreal, each of them leave us, in a way, a little of history, of culture.

I support my opinion by the fact that there are films which have been based on historical moments, such as wars, natural disasters or terrorist attacks. To mention an example, we have the big film "Pearl Harbor", directed by Michael Bay, which talks about the attack against The United States' naval base at Pearl Harbor by the Japanese Navy, in 1941. Having a romantic story behind it, the movie brings us the vague idea about the already mentioned war, so we learn some history as we enjoy watching a simple movie in the commodity of our home.

However, we are not only learning about historical moments, but also culture. If an American guy watches a Japanese film, he will notice the differences between his culture and the Japan one, just with looking at the house structure, the way they eat, the way they behave. It is very easy for us

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