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Forgotten Freedom

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Forgotten Freedom

School was out and the sweetness of summer had finally set in, with nothing to look forward to but what would be the best summer of our lives. My best friend

Ben and i were relaxing by the pool soaking up the sun as we started to talk about what we wanted to do for the summer and the rest of our lives. In the midst of our conversation our mutual love of music came about and he shouted these words which started it all...."lets do it man, lets start a fucking band!"

Now i had played the guitar for years now, played in a few bands.....nothing i ever saw potential in. Ben had had a very long stay with a great local band as their bass player and as that came to an end he started to learn the drums, which he called his true passion. New at the insturment he was, but no matter, we began lookin for other people to fill the band. His very good friend

dave had long wanted to front a band and we all believed

he was just the man for the job, very outgoing charismatic, and of course he was always the ladies man. Now we just needed a bass player to complete our quartet. One of our good friend

s by the name of mike played the guitar which is very simalar to bass and we all thought he was a person that we wanted in the band, so we asked him to make the change for us. He agreed and now the task of acquiring

the personal

was complete, now we just needed material, and much much practice.

We began writing songs arranging them just the way we wanted, as well as learn a few songs to cover from our favorite artists. We new we didn't

have much time because

fall would soon come and take us each away to our different schools and then we would be no more or at least have to wait until

the next summer. On top of that we had set our first perfomance one month from the date of our first practice and if you have ever been in a band you know it isn't

something you can just pick up and do, it requires

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