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Hip-Hop Flip-Flopped

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Hip-Hop Flip-Flopped

What is it about music that gets us teenagers so excited? Is it the influential lyrics? The tight rhymes yo? Or them mother-lovin beats? We all know the question to that, its E: All of the above. Some of us start Moshe pits to enjoy it, others grab there pants to kick a funky line, but if there’s one thing we all do, its put on those uncomfortable headphones, hit the play button, and listen to what calms are nerves and quite possibly explains our emotions. Its funny how someone else’s words can do that. Music seems to change faster than Puff Daddy’s nicknames, so it can be hard to keep up with what’s hot. But is it really what’s hot that leads us to listen to music? Not always, for some people it is, but I know plenty who would rather listen to an underground musician instead of that fool Young Joc.

Does anyone remember ( or is anyone even old enough ) the “Black Eyed Sun” and “The Real Slim Shady” days? People might still put them on there MP3 players, but I can guarantee you , those who are really cool, ALREADY HAVE IT! And have had it for quite some time. The point im trying to smack you in face with is that the days of good promoted music are over. Just like the 88 Cents a gallon days. The Emo/Screamo/Punk/Rock days are... pretty much in a monopoly over every other genre. It’s the thing now, just look around the halls here at OHS, do you see any “Dj Tiesto 4 Life” or “I Love 50 Cent” t-shirts? Noooo. You see Rancid, Yulgits, and Fall Out Boy t-shirts. You see people wearing button’s or sewed on patches with Emo/Screamo/Punk/Rock bands on them. Honestly, me, Robert Vincent, Brian Moore, and Martinez are the only ones wearing Hip-Hop clothing ( not including the wack label South Pole ). But wait! Where is Hip-Hop? Hello? Has anyone seen hip-hop lately? Let him now I stopped by when he gets back will you?

Think about it. Ill take two new songs by new artists in the genre of Hip-Hop as an example. Jibbs’ song called “Does Your Chain, Hang Low” and Harlem feat. Young B called “Chicken Noodle Soup”. Here’s some lyrics from Jibbs’ knock off of a children’s lullaby.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,

I’m Hot Kid

Chains so low you would think they never stop it

And its funny cause you could never stop it

A bunch of rocks on my hand ‘n’ I aint even on the block yet

GENIUS! His chain is so low, that nobody would THINK they could stop it, stop what? I have no idea either. Oh, okay, haha it IS funny that I could never stop it... whatever IT is I guess. And he’s holding rocks ( slang for diamonds ) and he isn’t even on the block yet. But then where is the video shot? And I thought you grew up on the block? With a lullaby like that, eh, I’ll stick with Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

This next little piece is just the chorus! Not even the inside lyrics, the chorus! The meat of the song is bad! This one is Harlem feat Young B, at their best! And no, I did not make the following up.

Chicken noodle soup,

Chicken noodle soup,

Chicken noodle soup,

With a soda on the side.

Please, someone find their mothers! Im not sure who published this song, but

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