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Hr Roles and Responsibilities

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Hr Roles and Responsibilities

In today's competitive business market, it is very important to remember how effective planning and development play an important role in the overall success of the organization. The ability to plan and execute an effective strategy is only as good as the people that are placed in the positions to make these decisions. It is crucial to have an aggressive team that will be both competitive and motivated to carry out the objectives set forth. Not only is it important to understand how these individuals will effect the organization but also the importance of obtaining effective hiring practices. Real Estate human resources vary from agency to agency, but for larger companies, still has a strong presence in the company. Human resource management is truly the backbone for all organizations as it relates to the overall picture. Additionally, human resource management effects an organization through methods such as effective human resource planning, equal opportunity employment and affirmative action, the recruitment and selection process of staff and the manager's ability to manage a safe and healthy work environment.

The real estate industry provides many aspect of management related to strategic initiatives that directly affect the organization. In looking at the management in a real estate environment, there are many decisions that need to be made and how these decisions effect the organization and the staff is a crucial part of the success of the overall operation. Human resource management plays an important role in the development of accurate policies and procedures, staffing and management of personnel and individual job fulfillment and career planning. Let us not forget the basics of human resource management and how it relates to daily operations in a real estate environment. On a daily basis managers must understand that they are the representatives of human resources and how they react to staff members in certain situations directly effects the operation of the agency. Human resources development is a major function that consists not only of training and development but also of individual career planning and development activities, organization development, and performance appraisals, an activity that emphasizes training and development needs (Mondy, et al, 2005a).

Managers must understand that training and development of staff and management is crucial in the overall success of the organization. Training is needed to provide workers with the knowledge with the know how to do their job and the skills needed to undertake tasks. The development of individuals involves the learning that goes beyond daily operations and involves dedication and focus on tasks at hand. A manager must first understand the training and development methods used within the organization before passing along that training to the staff and fellow peers. If management does not understand the policies and procedures properly and they are not all on the same page, then inconsistencies will occur within the department. Furthermore, fair treatment will not be given to all staff members. For example, Coldwell Banker the environment particularly has many detailed policies that need to be adhered to on a daily basis. For example, Becky Anastasiadis is a real estate agent for Colwell Banker. The agency has a strict policy on following the real estate guidelines and laws. The agents must obviously abide by these fair housing laws or the agency is liable. The human resource department will ensure that the agents adhere to these rules by having seminars and post regulations on the company website (Mondy, et al, 2005b).

Although policies and procedures is extremely important in the development process of real estate, let us not forget the individual career planning process and overall development of the staff. The most effective way to allow staff members to understand how they are progressing year after year is the performance appraisal process. This process is a formal system of review that helps evaluate and review the individuals' team and personal performance. This process offers agents the ability to capitalize on their strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, by the appraisal, they can overcome deficiencies in their performance. Not only must managers be aware of the performance of staff members in their units, but also be aware of the organization planning process and how

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