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Information System for Managers

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Information System for Managers


short notes on data information and knowledge flow in business process

knowledge management system

business continuity planning

knowledge management system


define a system. requirement analysis and definition is the system foundation for any systems development. it is independent of the design appraoch. exlain with the suitable example of your choice.

The marginal product of labour in a production process is statistically estimated as MPL

= 10(K/L)^0.5

Currently the process is using 100 units of K and 121 units of L. Given the

veryspecialised nature of capital equipment K, it takes about a year to increase K; but the

rate of labour input, L, can be varied daily. If the wage rate is $ 10 per unit and the price

of output is $2 per unit, is the firm operating efficiently in the short run? If not, explain

why. Also determine the optimal rate of labour input. On what factors does the labour-

efficiency depend?


Explain how equilibrium of the firm is achieved. Also, explain (along with examples)

how profit maximizing output is determined in short run and long run for:


Perfect Competitive market


Monopoly market


Monopolistic market


Oligopoly market

How does power effect in decision making for Corporate Social responsibilities. Kindly

discuss one such initiative in details. (15)

1. Discuss the CSR practices of any one organization of your choice. (15)

2. Take an example of an NGO and analyze its partnership with different companies. What

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