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Information Systems for Managers

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Information Systems for Managers

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Define the term SYSTEM. Requirement analysis and definition is the foundation for any

systems development. It is independent of the approach you take for design. Explain this

statement with example.

Write a short note on the following:

(i) Knowledge Management System

(ii) Data, Information and Knowledge Flow in Business Process

(iii) Business Continuity Planning

Following is the Balance Sheet of XYZ ltd. as on 31st March 2007. You are required to

convert the same in Vertical formats and. calculate the following ratios:

1) Current Ratio 2) Liquid Ratio, 3) Stock to Working Capital Ratio, 4) Proprietory

Ratio, 5) Capital Gearing Ratio, 6) Debt Equity Ratio

What do you understand by Internationalization. Include in your response, the process,

challenges, barriers, advantages and disadvantages.

How can a nation seek to attain competitive advantage. Explain with reference to context of

the Michael Porter Diamond Theory. (15)

Take any International Country of your choice and list down their Social, Cultural, Lifestyle,

Business Etiquettes and Trade Practices in detail?

Explain Decision Making Process and various types of Decision with example

Discuss advantages and disadvantages of different motivational strategies as applied in various

Organizational cultures with the relevant models.

How does power effect in decision making for Corporate Social responsibilities. Kindly

discuss one such initiative in details.


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