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Machiavelli, “the Prince”

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Machiavelli, “the Prince”

The most valuable characteristic of being a great leader is the ability to make decisions. Starting from making clear of your own position; in contrast to being the swing boat, it does not gain much reputable praises from any groups of people. "The Prince," by Machiavelli understands the importance of decision making and the respect for sticking to your decisions. According to a personal experience from this summarization, an UPS manager stated "I don't care if you make a bad decision, as long as you make a decision." This leads to the idea of putting in the effort of trying. How can anyone improve without trying? It is an idea about making a decision despite the results being a success or a failure. As time goes on, decisions making becomes an instinctive skill that any leaders should acquire.

Machiavelli also talked about the concept of honors and rewards as well as cherishing talents and abilities. These understanding are important with being a good leader. (Machiavelli, "The Prince," Ch 21) Machiavelli shows the importance that a leader should recognize and reward people for a job that is being done nicely. In addition, a leader also has to have the ability to inspire and motivate others. Some companies has employee recognition program which these programs can reward gifts or recognizing

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