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Major Turning Points in Life

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Major Turning Points in Life

A new turning point in my life was after my senior year and getting ready to go to college. It was going to be a new page of my life that hasn’t be written yet. I had to make choices and deal with some consequences that I made throughout the years. I wish freshman year I didn’t slack off as mush as I did. I’m glad I had as much as fun as I did senior year before a lot of my friends left for college.

The year 2003 I was a freshman in high school. I thought the cool thing to do was to slack off and have a good time. I had a really low GPA and didn’t realize that I was hurting my chances of getting into a four year college. I was more focused on what I was doing that weekend then my algebra exam the next day. Now when I look back on it I wish I could change it. My sophomore and junior year I learned how to balance the two a little better. The only bad thing was I still put everything else before my school work. It was sports first, next it was what keg party was going on that weekend, then how I wasn’t going to look forward to work at nine in the morning that next day, and somewhere in-between that was my school work. It’s not like I failed my classes or was going to stay back. I just didn’t excel myself the way I should have.

Now came senior year where all the kids always wore those sweatshirts with the name of the college they were going to. It went from Bryant all the way to university of Massachusetts. Then there was me going to Brookdale Community College. Don’t get me wrong it’s a really good school, one of the best community colleges around. But I was missing out on the “college experience”. No dorm room, no roommate, and no crazy college parties. So on senior night (party for only seniors) I was given the name “party animal” which I wanted to get anyway. But now that I have it, I hate it because I got the title of the kid who would rather go drink a beer in high school then to get into the college he wanted to. My high school years were amazing and I had a great

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