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Marketing Plan for Business Basic Phone Company

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Marketing Plan for Business Basic Phone Company

Executive Summary

Business Basic Phone Company is currently in the maturity phase, with competitors increasing and customer needs changing. The following report investigates possible changes such as trade in schemes and expanding the target market, threats such as competitors and opportunities possible, such as expanding the target market, to gain a competitive edge against competitors, thus, increasing market share and expanding its customer base. With the implementation, monitoring and controlling of marketing strategies, Business Basic Phone Company is able to revitalise its products, market share and competitive edge, which will enhance its goodwill and recognition within the marketplace.

Situational Analysis

1. Market Analysis

Business Basic Phone Company is affected by a variety of internal and external influences both positively and negatively.

External Influences

Economic activity is an uncontrollable influence which affects Business Basic Phone Company as their prices need to be raised due to the introduction of the Goods & Services Tax (GST). This tax influences consumer spending which impacts on the ability of Business Basic Phone Company to charge a certain yet reasonable price for their mobile phones that are sensitive to the changes in income while still making profit.

Increased competition in the mobile phone market has affected Business Basic Phone Company as new strategies have been introduced to remain competitive while still making profit. To maintain a competitive edge, Business Basic Phone Company can reduce prices, introduce promotions, expand their target market or expand their target range to satisfy consumers of varying ages.

Internal Influences

E-commerce affects Business Basic Phone Company as the introduction of alternate methods of payment, such as via internet, B-Pay or direct debit payment services, which would in turn increase

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