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Media- Analysis of Two Car Ads

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Media- Analysis of Two Car Ads

In this essay I will write an analysis of two adverts focusing on how they are constructed to influence the viewer.

Firstly, I would like to draw attention to the sound of the new Audi A6 advert. As the commercial commences a repetitive, classical theme has been introduced in the background and as the classical theme continues throughout the ad, content of pitch divides the classical theme in to an high and low volume of sound.

But there were no voice over on the classical theme of the advert and no sound FX was added as well during the content been shown to the audience.

I think the classical theme was chosen because to imply the image of the car and to soothe or relax the viewer, which indulges them into their own fantasy world of daydream that I think it is aimed at people particularly aged between mid 30- 40s who come from a stressful day from work.

Although a classical theme was used in the Audi A6 ad, a modern up beat theme was used in the Vauxhall Corsa commercial. During the content of the ad, a repetitive selection of tempos was used as the advert elapsed to its final ending.

Also I would like to mention, a voice over took place during the theme, which was talking about the financial aspects of the car. The tone of the voice used was to imply to the viewer that the voice of the person was their friend but not a stranger.

As the commercial elapsed to its final ending, a sound FX was introduced by the eagle of the Vauxhall Corsa logo making a short, cartoonist dog laugh, which was similar to the cartoon character called Mutely.

I think this theme was used to reinforce the viewer’s memory because this theme is originated from ‘Wacky Races.’ Now carrying on to what was represented in the advert to see.

In the Audi A6 commercial, the car was shot on top of an office building, which the producer has chosen the advert to take place outdoor but not in an abstract form.

But there were no characters taking part or any people in the office building premises, which indicates the producer wanted more shots of the car that they are selling for the viewers to concentrate on then taking shots of the characters acting in the ad.

As the content was shown to the viewers, different camera shots have been taken of the car in the ad. Especially the shot that caught my attention was the special effect was used, that the car explodes in to small, squared pieces, which moved swiftly across each office building.

I think this has been chosen because to imply to office workers to purchase this vehicle and the special effect was there to reinforce the viewer’s memory of the Audi A6.

But in the Vauxhall Corsa advert, the vehicles were set in an abstract racing ground. There were different coloured Vauxhall Corsas racing to the finishing line. During the race, the black Vauxhall Corsa tried to cheat but the plan backfired and ended up on the pole of the finishing

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