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My Resume All About Me

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My Resume All About Me

Chukwuemeka Ejoh

Room 176E, South house, Hillhead hall of residence,

Don street, Aberdeen, UK. AB24 1WU.

Tel: +447552135378


Nationality: Nigerian.


September 2009 – September 2010

M.Sc. Safety and Reliability Engineering.

University of Aberdeen, King's college, Aberdeen, UK.

Principal subjects: Fundamental safety engineering and risk management concept, statistics and probability for safety, reliability and quality, fire and explosion engineering, Oil and gas production, Advanced methods for risk and reliability assessment, Applied risk analysis and management, Human factor, Process safety and reliability,

September 2005 - June 2009

Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Technology

Electrical, Electromechanical and Electrotechnologies (2.1), CGPA 4.09/5.00.

St. Petersburg Electro-technical University, #5 Popov Street, 197376, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Principal subjects: Electrical machines; Physical principles of electronics; Theory of Electrical Engineering; Occupational Safety; Electronics; Electrical and Electronic Apparatus; Electrical Drive; Control Theory; Electric-Power Supply of Equipment; Transformers; Power Semiconductor Converters; Design of Electric Machines; Principles of Automatics and Installation of Electrical Engineering Equipment; Fundamentals of Electromechanics; Computer-Aided Design Engineering.

Project work: Computer-aided design of low power transformers. My project was due to be used by lecturers for quick assessment of student course works the following year. My score was excellent.

January 2003 - May 2003

Certificate in Computer Maintenance (distinction).

Logigate computer institute, Minna, Niger state, Nigeria

September 1996 – July 2002

Christ the king College, Gwagwalada, Abuja, Nigeria.

West Africa Secondary School Leaving Certificate (equivalent to A-level).

Physics A1, Chemistry B2, Maths B3, English C4, Geography C5, Economics C5, Igbo language B3, Christian Religious knowledge B2, Technical drawing B2.

National Examination Council Exam (NECO):

Maths A1, English B2, Chemistry A1, Physics A1, Economics A1, Geography A1, Igbo language A1, Christian Religious Knowledge A1, Technical Drawing C6.

I was a member of the winning team that represented the school at the Regina Pacis all schools quiz competition in 2002, an active member of the school's basketball team right from my first year to my final year, participated in the all Marist school competition in 2001, mentor for new students.

Work experience

July 2008 - September 2008

Rides and Games Operator, Funtastic Shows, Oregon, USA.

Setup and take down rides/games before and after operation. I worked as an operator/supervisor during operations.

January 2003 - May 2003

Computer Technician,

Logigate Computer Institute, Nigeria

Maintenance and repairs of computers. Sales of computers. Setup new computers and Installation of software and hardware components. I trained and worked with this company after which an exam was taken and was issued a certificate.

Relevant skills


I have excellent communication skills both written and oral. While working with Logigate, I dealt with lots of customers and was often assigned to different homes and offices to repair or service their computers. Also, during my time at Fantastic shows, I had to deal with many customers considering the fact that Funtastic is a six flag company. While

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