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Of Mice and Men Book Report

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Of Mice and Men Book Report

The book Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, is a very interesting and intriguing book. It shows a lot of thoughts and dreams from the characters. Most of the characters have dreams they want to fulfill, but their dreams are always interrupted by something they had to cope with.

George is a very patient person. He watches out for Lennie and works with him side by side. Though, Sometimes Lennie can be quite a nuisance to George and get them into trouble. George is never able to work alone and make a lot of money. He has to take care of Lennie, and he has ever since they were little. “Well, he seen this girl in a red dress. Dumb bastard like he is, he wants to touch ever’ thing he likes…” This shows when Lennie and George have to run out of Weed because of Lennie. Lennie obviously gets in the way of work.

Crooks is a very shady character. He likes to be alone, but enjoys company. Since everyone treats him with no respect, he deserves he has the right to treat them the same. When Lennie talks to Crooks, Crooks gets very upset and gives him a little persuasion. “S’pose George don’t come back no more, S’pose he took a powder and just ain’t comin’ back…” Crooks wants Lennie to feel lonely with him. All Crooks really wants is to be equal, but he knows everyone will ever treat him equally. “Well, you keep your

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