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San Francisco's Green Technology

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San Francisco's Green Technology

San Francisco's green technology

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The article on the measures that San Francisco is taking to go green is rather imposing. San Francisco has purchased a machine that roars as it systematizes 750 tons of refuse daily into tidy cubes of plastic bags. Though this machine appears crude, dirty and smelly, it is a central part of San Francisco's mounting attempts to utilize technology and resourcefulness as most innovative corporations do in order to cut expenses, solve inconveniences, and improve the lifestyle of citizens. This makes San Francisco the initial city to veto plastic shopping bags. Although these plastic bags require a lot of energy to manufacture, they still remain convenient. The banning of plastic bags in San Francisco is a very great idea since the plastic bags that frequently wind up buoyant around in the local watercourses or in a landfill where the plastic bags take a longer time to rot are banned, hence prevention of environmental pollution.

San Francisco's main shove has been the deployment of technology to tackle environmental matters. Although the city is still planning to build solar shelters all through the city, citizens of this green-conscious city can skip onto a non-carbon-emission bus that wirelessly feed data to a vital computer system and trailed by a GPS system. Analytical software in the

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