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Strategic Management

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Strategic Management

To define the identity of Able Corporation is defining the products and services that they offer and the industry that it operates in that’s based upon their company culture. Establishing the mission and vision statement helps the company to focus on serving their customers and business partners (David, 2007).

Their mission statement should be: To be identified as the best in the industry of manufacturing, to excel in innovation and quality for our customers, shareholders and suppliers.

This information and additional information can easily be found in the company’s handbook, website, annual reports, vision statement and etc.

The information that helps with identifying Able Corporation is: knowing the type of company it is (i.e. manufacturing company) and their products.

To accomplish the strategic objective, you must first communicate the strategy by mobilizing the managers and employees to set the strategy in motion (David, 2007). Conducting an in-depth analysis of the company will identify it strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. Next, a strategy formulation will help with expanding their operations in the US and in international markets and to avoid hostile takeovers. The next step is strategy implementation which will help with motivation of the workforce, annual objectives and allocating resources for the strategy formulation. The last step is strategy implementation: the managers must motivate the employees

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