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The Red Balloon Essay

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The Red Balloon Essay

The Red Balloon Essay

The Red Balloon is about a little boy and his love for a red balloon. The movie is a French short movie which won the Cannes Film Festival Award. The film has many symbolic meanings. The movie begins when a little boy finds a large, red balloon. He rescues the balloon from a lampost and takes it to school. When he gets to school many children try to take the little boy’s balloon.

The boy is forced to let go of his balloon other wise the other children will take it. But when he lets go of the balloon, it stays and waits for the little boy. After school the balloon is still waiting for the boy. The boy and the balloon begin to love eachother, the balloon follows the boy everywhere and always stays near him. The boy watches out for the balloon and other little boys who try to harm the balloon.

One day while the boy and the balloon are walking around they run into many little boys who are jealous of the balloon. They attack the balloon with rocks and throw things at it. The little

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