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The Rise and Rise of Hip Hop

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The Rise and Rise of Hip Hop

Hip hop has beeen long on the rise in the USA. It could be said that it began with movements rather than music as hip is not merely a genre of music- its a way of life for many. A new age pop culture. To fully understand Hip hop one must understand that it is an art! bragging an array of things from grafitti tp break dancing. The earliest music from hip hop has vastly been attributed to music sensation RunDMC and Jam Master Jay. this was in the 1980's... from then we have had a lot of rap activity, here is a list of few names a lot of people can identify with Jay-z, snoop dog, DMX, Biggie, Pac, Nate-dogg, 50-cent, lloyd banks, Drake, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Kanye West, J-Cole.... the rap game has evolved so much over the years, it has now properly turned into a job that a young man/ woman can take up, as we have seen how much money the likes of Sean Carter and Sean Combes have have managed to accumelate. The purists believe that this is one of the reason that the quantity of rappers has increased but the quality is few and far between. A quick illustration would be to take the lyrical

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