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Trait Activity

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Trait Activity

Frank Uzcategui

Mrs. Watrous-Rodriguez

Psychology 2301

November 11, 2014

Trait Activity

        As I was answering some of the questions and statements, I tried to do so by being honest with myself so that I could get honest answers that would define me pretty well. I don’t believe that every single answer that I got from each subject reflects me the best way possible. In the extraversion part, I got a twenty seven. In a way that is kind of right, if extraversion is obtaining gratification from what is outside to self then in my mind, I believe that the score should be a little higher. I enjoy getting to hang out with my friends and making new ones, if it wasn’t for school and work I would be out with friends every single night. The agreeableness section gave me a thirty two. That one I am okay with, since I consider myself very open minded to a lot of things that I believe not everyone is open to. As long as I receive a good argument regarding the subject then I generally tend to see their point of view. I tend to agree with many things, like if my little nephew is asking for me to do something for him that everyone else in the family does not want to do, I give him a chance to state his case and let him convince me as to why he wants what he wants. The conscientiousness part gave me a twenty four as a result.  I am okay with this number for I don’t truly consider myself a very careful individual, but I do try and take some precautions in life. It is kind of an ongoing battle with myself to get me to pay more attention to the little things in my life. When it comes to tests and assignments, I have always been told to proof read and go over every single answer that I have made; as much as I try to do this I can never get myself to actually follow through on that. Even if I have a lot of time left after an exam I just can’t get my brain to cooperate with me and look through every single question that I have already done. I feel like if I didn’t know it the first time around there is no way that I will be able to know it a second time around. The neuroticism part of the activity gave me a twenty six. I strongly disagree with this result. I don’t consider myself to constantly be in a negative state of mind, on the contrary I see myself always looking for the bright side of things. No matter how bad things get around me, I try and see what the up side of it is. Given I do sometimes get put down, it does not take me long to get back on my feet and keep trying. The openness part of the activity gave me a thirty two as a result. I can agree with that result. Like I previously stated, I see myself as somebody who is very open minded to a lot of things that may seem odd as long as somebody provides a strong argument and concrete evidence as to why they think they way they do.

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