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University Paper

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University Paper

Aziz Khan


Univ. 100


Coming into a university freshman thinking is still all fun and games. They are excited to get into the campus life and want to take advantage of the freedom that they now have. However, they don't know that what they are doing might get them into trouble later on. Facebook is an arising social network where people all over the world can stay connected with others. They are able to post their pictures and videos about their personal life. The problem with this is that some people go too far and post inappropriate pictures and videos that would create a conflict later down the road. The reason why these conflicts would occur is because when people put up pictures of them drinking underage and doing other narcotics, they assume that only their friends will be able to see it. Little do they know that nowadays when these students are looking for careers, businesses are now looking at how you really are through Facebook. So when these businesses see those inappropriate pictures they judge you and select the next person for the position.

In this course we have not talked much about the subject of Facebook. However we have talked about drinking on campus and what the consequences are. The university could also see these pictures and they could get you in trouble for underage drinking. What I have learned is to watch what you put on Facebook, even if it's private; there are ways that organizations can still access it.

Mason is connected with Facebook in many ways. Since so many people have Facebook, many of the organizations have created groups in which people join and stay updated with that organization. Mason also creates event invitations through Facebook in order to get people

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