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Visitor God

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Visitor God

"Long before the time of the Pharoahs..there was a god who cares for

all of the skies and dozens of his kind...." Inscription found on

wall above the Tomb of Osiris

The Great Secret Surrounding the Tomb of Osiris

In the Late 1950's , while the Super Power of the United States was

tapping into the future through space expeditions, the other Super

Power of Russia was tapping into the future by seeking the knowledge

of the past.

A very top secret project secret that even today the

knowledge they discovered remains hidden yet today. This secret

project went under the code name 'PROJECT ISIS'. A project that was

to discover not only an ancient tomb..but a tomb containing a great

mummy...the mummy of Osiris, the Visitor King..A king not human but


Project Isis was discovered by the investigators of an American

television program , The SCI FI CHANNEL, dedicated to uncovering the

truth of alien and ufo coverups. With the fall of communism, many

top secret Russian government documents became available through

the 'Russian Black Market' to the 'highest bidder'. Fortunately for

us SCI FI was the highest bidder and this knowledge for the first

time was made available to the world public. A book by the name

of 'Project Isis' was published by a Russian author, but

unfortunately it has been so deeply buried most of the public has

little knowledge of the book or it's author.

SciFi was not one of those people. They contacted the author and

then followed up on the various leads resulting in FULL

DISCLOSURE...with HARD EVIDENCE, including government documents, eye

witnesses, photos and KGB Film of the tomb, sarcophagus, tests and

film of the test on the alien mummy, expert medical and science

witnesses. We are lucky enough to have a copy of the SCI FI

Evidence. With what we were able to obtain, we transcribed and soon

will be made available to you. We have copies of film and photos

not available anywhere else on the web.

From my research I discovered that there was an advance race of what

many refer to as the Star Walkers. These were called by the

Egyptians the 'Visitor' Gods and were not part of the Egyptian

pantheon yet their existed was remembered and honored through oral

tradition and inscriptions from the ancient Egptians . From the

decoded inscription written on the tomb of Osiris wall we were able

to get our first hint as to what lay within the sarcophagus. 'Long

before the time of the Pharoahs..there was a god who cares for all

of the skies and dozens of his kind..'.

Much of what SCI FI was able to uncover was purchased through

an 'anonymous' source that worked for the Russian Mafia. Before this

he was a courier for the Russian Diplomatic Corp moving documents

between Cairo and Russia . Although highly illegal and certainly

death threatening, the courier managed to make copies of Project

Isis documents ..and actual KGB film documentation of the tomb,

psychic experimentation done in the tomb, the opening of the


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