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Yorktown Technolgies Case Analysis

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Yorktown Technolgies Case Analysis

I. Problem definition:

Trying to find a marketing and distribution strategy that would help the company reach its revenue goals.

II. SWOT Analysis:


• The company raised additional capital to fund its business operations and had more than three dozen different investors

• The firm will be launching the first commercially available biotech animal in the U.S

• Yorktown Technologies grabbed the attention of the media and the news of the upcoming Glo fish launch was on the front pages of many famous magazines

• $ 4 million out of $ 700 million was spent on Yorktown Technologies products by consumers.

• Yorktown technologies' suppliers and distributors have been regular suppliers of tropical fish to the 3 major retail chains

• The company was given exclusive rights to lines of red, green, yellow and orange fluorescent zebra fish which provided the company with an effective barrier to entry against potential competitors


• Generated more than $ 120,000 loss in 2004

• There is no enough money to support a national advertising campaign

• Not being able to sell the Glofish in California which is an important market with high population

• High demand on limited supply

• Some countries are still not convinced with the safety of the GloFish


• California is a very important market that has a population of 33 million who are willing to buy innovative products

• International markets where the fish can be sold mainly Asia

• Zebra fish are known to be very popular ornamental fish with more than 200 million sold in the U.S alone

• Two dozen regional wholesalers located throughout the country distribute freshwater ornamental fish to an estimated 5000 retail establishments for sale to consumers

• Total sales of pet stores are increasing at an annual rate of 7%

• Consumer market for freshwater ornamental fish and related products in U.S exceeds $700 million annually and is growing at a rate of 9% a year


• The blanket regulation that the California Fish and Game Commission passed and that prohibited the possession of genetically modified fish in California

• Number of pet stores in U.S is declining at annual rate of 2%

• The anti-biotechnology groups that are trying to stop or disrupt the launching of Yorktown Technologies by spreading misinformation about the safety of the fish

• The ethical and environmental questions regarding the sale of the genetically modified fish

• The strong competition in Asia especially Taiwan where genetically modified fish is being sold and rumors say that some of them are being introduced in the U.S

III-Alternative courses of action:

1-Alternative one:

Opening a Glofish Kiosk in a shopping mall



• Shopping mall kiosks have enjoyed explosive growth in terms of revenue and numbers

• Offering GloFish branded tanks and supplies

• These outlets sells variety of products • High renting cost per year

• Customers might get confused with the availability of different products

• Small space

2-Alternative two:

Possibility of marketing the Glofish product line through the internet directly to consumers

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