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Last update: September 21, 2014
  • Genetic Modified Food: Benefit or Detriment?

    Genetic Modified Food: Benefit or Detriment?

    Genetic Modified food: Benefit or Detriment? The most wonderful activity a human being can experience is new flavors and foods. For example, the first time a person tastes a delicious juicy piece of prime rib or a delightful hamburger with cheese and ham, his world is never the same. However, since the beginning of the twentieth century, the production of food has been supplemented by science. This has triggered an angry dispute between the people

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    Submitted: January 5, 2010 By: Fatih
  • Food


    Food My family and I are absolute meat lovers; from poultry, fish, beef, and even an occasional pork diet. Despite the unhealthiness pork might cause there’s no discrimination when it comes to satisfying my family’s appetite. About the time when I was a young boy my mother would do her best to include vegetables in our meals. We hand a small, but very diverse garden in our backyard. They were the healthiest collard greens,

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    Submitted: January 5, 2010 By: Bred
  • Foods and the Life Cycle

    Foods and the Life Cycle

    Foods and the Life Cycle Young Adults Tired? Hungry? Wish you had the time to cook a healthy meal? Do you wish you could even cook at all? Now you can!!! With only 20 minutes you can have a delicious and nutritious meal. PASTA PUTTANESCA 8 ounces whole-wheat thin spaghetti, vermicelli or angel hair 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil 2 cloves garlic, minced 1/3 cup chopped flat-leaf parsley 1/4 cup pitted chopped Spanish or Greek

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    Submitted: January 5, 2010 By: Mikki
  • French and English Foods, 13-1500’s

    French and English Foods, 13-1500’s

    Subtleties, Power and Consumption: A Study of French and English Cuisine from 1300 to 1500 While it is difficult to fix precise dates to the Fall of Rome on one hand and the beginning of the Renaissance on the other, one thing is sure: referring to the time period as the Dark Ages ignores a rich history that includes innovations in art, architecture, fashion, the production of illuminated manuscripts, public spectacle, and cookery. However, some

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    Submitted: January 6, 2010 By: Andrew
  • European Fine Art

    European Fine Art

    Modris Ekstein’s approach to avant-garde culture contrasts the ideas of the French artist Adolph-William Bouguereau. Bourguereau’s view of art was certainly the more accepted standard of fine form whereas Ekstein understood the new changes in art, or the modernist art movement. Ekstein analysis of the avant-garde production of Rites of Spring and Bouguerau’s uplifting painting Return of Spring help to expose the deep contrast and divide between the “academic classical” and the revolutionary modernist art

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    Submitted: January 7, 2010 By: Monika
  • The Food Lion Scandal

    The Food Lion Scandal

    This report will review the cases Food Lion vs. Capital Cities/ABC and Cincinnati Enquirer vs. Chiquita. Both of these cases involve laws and ethics in the field of journalism. A summary of each case (both leading up to and including the trial) will be given in the report. This will be followed by a list of the motivations behind each party for both of the cases. Next, at least three law and/or ethical issues from

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    Submitted: January 7, 2010 By: Mike
  • Website


    The first website I decided to search through was very well-organized. If there would've been a more explicit summary regarding the videos, it would have helped us understand the subject more clearly. The graphics on this website were very apparent. I found that each photograph displayed on the website included a very informative review on what the picture was all about. To my surprise, the graphics did not take too long to load and were

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    Submitted: January 7, 2010 By: Anna
  • Case 2. Healthy Foods, Inc.

    Case 2. Healthy Foods, Inc.

    Case 2. Healthy Foods, Inc. Healthy Foods, Inc. situation is a tough one. Profits, along with morale, are down. They have just recently broken off from their parent company and gotten a new president. Some of the policies and business practices they have in place aren’t working for them anymore. Healthy Foods has a line-forcing policy, which requires that any store wanting to carry its brand name must be willing to carry most of the

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    Submitted: January 7, 2010 By: Mike
  • Fast Food Nation

    Fast Food Nation

    The story of the fast food industry and its effect on the world is well told in the book Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser. Schlosser makes the claim that, what started out as a special treat for the kids eventually ended up defining a way of life. During a brief period of time, the fast food industry has helped transform not only the American diet, but also our countryside, economy, workforce, and popular culture.

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    Submitted: January 9, 2010 By: Mike
  • Kudler Operation Overview

    Kudler Operation Overview

    Kudler Operation Overview The purpose of this paper is to evaluate Kudler Fine Food's current operational procedures and to determine what changes could exist if local growers were contracted as a supplier of organic produce. In addition, this paper will measure and recommend suggestions for the organization's supply chain strategy as well as, describe the quality control tools and performance standards that will keep Kudler running at an optimal level. Business Process Changes Understanding how

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    Submitted: January 9, 2010 By: Max
  • International Food

    International Food

    The presentation began with a sampling of various dishes from several different countries, 5 of which offered a short PowerPoint presentation on the history of the dish, their country, and how to make it. China, Japan, Hungry, Belarus, and Mexico, were the five to explain their cuisine and its significance to their county’s culture. China provided both Steamed Foo Yong, and Tea-flavored egg. Japan sampled a type of beef and potato stew called Nikujaga, Hungary

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    Submitted: January 9, 2010 By: David
  • Genetically Engineered Foods - Risk to Humanity

    Genetically Engineered Foods - Risk to Humanity

    GENETICALLY ENGINEERED FOODS- RISK TO HUMANITY Giant transnational companies are carrying out a dangerous global experiment by introducing large numbers of genetically engineered foods into our diet. Genetic manipulations can result in unanticipated harmful effects, and because genetically engineered foods are not tested sufficiently, this experiment not only jeopardizes the health of individuals, but could also lead to global food shortages and extensive ecological hazards. Due to genetically modified food's unique and unknown nature,

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    Submitted: January 10, 2010 By: David
  • Functional Foods

    Functional Foods

    Summary/functional foods “It is the position of the American Dietetic Association (ADA) that functional foods, including whole foods and fortified, enriched, or enhanced foods, have a potentially beneficial effect on health when consumed as part of a varied diet on a regular basic, at effective levels”. The term “Functional” according to (ADA) food that has some identified value leading to health benefits, including reduced risk for disease for the person consuming it. Research shows

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    Submitted: January 12, 2010 By: Anna
  • A Fine Balance Plot Summary

    A Fine Balance Plot Summary

    This story takes place in an unnamed coastal city in India during 19-1984. This novel is told in third person and is about a chain of circumstances that tosses four very different people together into one small apartment. A college student, Maneck Kohlah, rents a room in the apartment of Dina Dalal, a widowed seamstress in her forties. Dina also has two additional boarders; Ishvar Darji and his nephew Omprakash; tailors fleeing low-caste origins.

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    Submitted: January 12, 2010 By: Mikki
  • Why Do Americans Eat Fast Food

    Why Do Americans Eat Fast Food

    STARE DECISIS - Lat. "to stand by that which is decided." The principal that the precedent decisions are to be followed by the courts. To abide or adhere to decided cases. It is a general maxim that when a point has been settled by decision, it forms a precedent which is not afterwards to be departed from. The doctrine of stare decisis is not always to be relied upon, for the courts find it necessary

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    Submitted: January 12, 2010 By: regina
  • Whole Foods Case Analysis

    Whole Foods Case Analysis

    Mission/External Analysis According to Whole Foods Market, Inc.’s Form 10-K from 2002, the company’s “goal is to become an international brand synonymous with not just natural and organic foods, but with being the best food retailer in every community in which we are located.” The vision of Whole Foods goes deeper than just being a successful grocery store. The company is dedicated to ultimately improving the world in general; it plans to do this by

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    Submitted: January 13, 2010 By: Jon
  • American Fast Food in Korea

    American Fast Food in Korea

    1. Base on market information for Asia Pacific, we can made conclusion that business future in Asian region has to have bright future. With 33% of the world's GDP and 50% of its population, Asia has emerged as a rapidly growing force in the global economy. Due to the cultural diversity, regulatory controls, growing base of consumer power and its own set of business "rules," the multinational corporations (MNCs) find it challenging to enter the

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    Submitted: January 13, 2010 By: Mike
  • Food Labeling

    Food Labeling

    I. INTRODUCTION 1. The first foods and food ingredients developed through recombinant DNA technologies have reached commercialization and more are nearing commercial distribution. In response to these developments, Member States of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (the Codex) are evaluating questions regarding appropriate labeling for these products. Delegates to a recent meeting of the Codex Committee on Food Labeling (CCFL) agreed that this issue should be addressed, and the US Delegation to the Committee offered

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    Submitted: January 15, 2010 By: Top
  • Kudler


    I worked on the question: The average of how many traffic tickets was given out to different people in a two year span. My goal will be to identify how many traffic tickets was people received and how many was there fault and also how many could have been avoided. Below is a table that shows some of the research that I did for this project, it has two categories, men and women. I did

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    Submitted: January 15, 2010 By: Jack
  • The Earthworm...Live Food

    The Earthworm...Live Food

    The idea of feeding living animals to birds is not new, but only in recent years has it become a trouble-free option for feeding birds in the garden. Mealworms are the usual live food provided, but waxworms can also be bought for this purpose. Neither of these creatures is actually a worm, the first being the larva of the Meal Beetle and the other that of the Wax Moth. Real worms can also be purchased

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    Submitted: January 15, 2010 By: Steve
  • Fast Food Is Shit

    Fast Food Is Shit

    Fast Food is Shit: First we have fast food. Fast food is a convenience to everyone as it is food you do not have to prepare. All you do is drive up order and presto; you have ?fast food?. It can also be expensive as the average cost of a meal is four dollars. Last year the average American spent eight hundred dollars on fast food. Pope John once said ?Every day, about one-quarter of

    Essay Length: 333 Words / 2 Pages
    Submitted: January 15, 2010 By: Mike
  • Overview of Kudler’s Management

    Overview of Kudler’s Management

    Abstract The essential point of this paper is to discuss one’s exploration of Kudler’s Fine Foods, a virtual organization on Week One reSourceSM course page. Kudler is a highly successful company that has managed to expand its operation from one location to three locations in less than four years (La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas). The company specializes in gourmet foods, fine wines, and cheeses. This paper will underline Kudler’s management, and explain how technology

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    Submitted: January 15, 2010 By: Steve
  • The Slow Food Movement

    The Slow Food Movement

    The Slow Food Movement In 1987 Carlo Petrini started a coalition dedicated to the politics and pleasures of slowness and the opposition of fast food. (Leitch 439) He describes one of his goals by saying: I'm for virtuous globalization, where there's a just and true commerce to help small farmers. It's important to have a commerce that's organic and sane and against genetically modified organisms and processes that poison the land with chemicals. For example,

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    Submitted: January 16, 2010 By: regina
  • Kudler Network Analysis

    Kudler Network Analysis

    Kudler Network Analysis NTC 410 March 27, 2007 Network Analysis Kudler Fine Foods is a local upscale specialty food store located in the San Diego metropolitan area. The company has three locations (La Jolla, Del Mar and Encinitas). The original store networks were designed by a local computer store (that is no longer in business) and were installed by a combination of friends and some of the employees of the computer store working on their

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    Submitted: January 18, 2010 By: Victor
  • Fast Food Chains in America

    Fast Food Chains in America

    TITLE: FAST FOOD CHAINS IN AMERICA OUTLINE: Introduction Suffering caused by fast food in America Fast food chains in America Solutions for ending suffering by Buddha Conclusion None of us can avoid being interested in food. Our very existence depends on the supply of safe nutritious food. It is then hardly surprising that food has become the focus of a wide range of ethical concerns. As rising obesity rates in America become a growing health

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    Submitted: January 19, 2010 By: Kevin

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