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Last update: August 22, 2014
  • Privatization of Social Security

    Privatization of Social Security

    Privatization of social security Today, United State is on the edge for a huge change, President George W. Bush second term agenda to reform the Social Security has left us to think about a question that will have a huge impact on the future of United State, Should Social Security be privatized? Enacted in 1935, under the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and modified many times since-including major change in 1983-Social Security provides

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    Submitted: February 24, 2010 By: Tommy
  • Privatizing Social Security

    Privatizing Social Security

    Assurance in money is very important to a retiree and is a very important political issue at this point in time. The United States built a system of saving money in the form of a tax on the American workforce using this money as a paycheck for retired people. The general idea was that everyone would pay into the system as a worker and then receive the money and benefits they paid into the system

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    Submitted: February 28, 2010 By: Mike
  • The Public Social Security Budget

    The Public Social Security Budget

    SIMONA MARIA POP THE PUBLIC SOCIAL SECURITY BUDGET The budget of a government is a summary or plan of the intended revenues and expenditures of that government. In some countries, such as the United States, the budget is mainly prepared by the legislature, in others it is prepared by the government. Budgets are an essential element in the planning and control of the financial affairs of a nation or business and are made necessary essentially

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    Submitted: March 15, 2010 By: Venidikt
  • Economic Benefits and Future Outlook of Social Security

    Economic Benefits and Future Outlook of Social Security

    The Economic Benefits and Future Outlook of Social Security Social security must change for the future challenges about to be faced. The social security administration has been here for almost 70 years. It is here to provide for retirement, disability, and survivor’s insurance. About 7.5 million people get monthly survivor benefits, and more than six million get disability. There are about 45 million people who receive retirement, survivors and disability benefits. For an average wage

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    Submitted: March 18, 2010 By: Max
  • The Social Security System

    The Social Security System

    Executive Summary The Social Security System was not designed to be the main source of income for all retirees in the United States; however, because of dozens of modifications, that is what it has become. The system has been through some ups and downs, but the baby boomers that are approaching retirement age will break the current system for good if we don’t modify it now. The current worker pays 6.2 percent of their income

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    Submitted: March 26, 2010 By: Fatih
  • Social Security

    Social Security

    Social Security is much more than a retirement program. It is universal guaranteed retirement money for everyone and is the primary source of income for most retired people in the United States. “It is a family in come protection program that reflects the commitment of the country to the economic security of workers, retirees and their families.” Social Security protects workers and their families through their retirement. “Sixty percent of today’s beneficiaries derive more

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    Submitted: March 26, 2010 By: Venidikt
  • Social Security

    Social Security

    Social Security The Social Security system taxes individual Americans so as to build a platform for their retirement. It is rewarded upon disability or death, and is essentially a government run piggy back, providing a comfortable lifestyle to those of old age and or disability. Currently, social security in its entirety faces a crisis, and is a hotly debated topic among all American. The continuing decline of social security can be attributed to two leading

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    Submitted: April 3, 2010 By: Vika
  • Social Security

    Social Security

    Social Security Social Security is a group of government programs administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA) which makes payments to individuals. The programs provide economic assistance to people faced with unemployment, disability, or old age. It is financed by contributions from employers and employees. Eligibility for most SSA programs is based upon the work history of the recipient or a family member. They may be placed in the following general categories: retirement benefits; disability

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    Submitted: April 7, 2010 By: Artur
  • Distribution of Social Security

    Distribution of Social Security

    Social Security Earnings Report After calculating my Social Security annual retirement benefits I realized that I am most likely going to not be able to retire because my annual payments are not nearly enough to live off of. My monthly payments if I retired at age 62 would be $1,570.00. This may sound like plenty of money to live on, but not from my perspective. Seeing as how I would most likely live in the

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    Submitted: April 21, 2010 By: Tasha
  • Social Security

    Social Security

    Abstract In the following document, one will find information about the current issues in Social Security. A problem was identified and a solution found for the present layout of the Social Security plan. There are three main topics discussed in the paper: (1) Government background, (2) Focus on specific generations, and (3) Survey Results. One can also find information on the current system along with proposed plans that are currently being reviewed by the senate.

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    Submitted: April 29, 2010 By: July
  • Social Security

    Social Security

    Issues about the state of social security have come to light in the past few years. Social security is the largest government program in the world and helps provide social insurance for several million people. It is primarily concerned with retirement benefits, but other programs include spouse, disability, and survivor benefits. The main focus of the social security program is to provide a source of income for retired Americans. The idea behind it is for

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    Submitted: May 12, 2010 By: Fonta
  • Privatizing Social Security

    Privatizing Social Security

    Privatizing Social Security Social Security was established as a promise to the people of continuation of income into retirement. Well the road to hell is often paved with good intentions, because that promise now has the country in economic uncertainty. The guarantee that workers will be taken care of in their old age if they paid their Social Security tax, is no longer guaranteed. If we don’t come to a unanimous decision as to

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    Submitted: May 20, 2010 By: Fonta
  • Social Security

    Social Security

    Social Security is probably the most popular fed­eral program, yet most people know almost nothing about it. In practice, Social Security’s complex bene­fit formulas and rules make it difficult for people to understand how their retirement benefits will work. This paper explains what Social Security is and how it works. The first section explains what Social Security is and which programs are and are not part of Social Security. The second section explains the payroll

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    Submitted: May 27, 2010 By: Monika
  • Social Security Reform

    Social Security Reform

    This particular cartoon speaks to the reception of this idea of getting rid of social security and initiating a personal responsibility movement when it comes to retirement funds. President Bush is shown as a pitcher in a baseball uniform and his team is shown as “ Social Security Reform”. He winds up and delivers the pitch but the last frame of the comic shows him looking off into the distance. The reader is left

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    Submitted: May 29, 2010 By: Fonta
  • Social Security

    Social Security

    In reading the book “Social Security and the Family” I learned a lot about the system that I had no idea about before. The book was fact filled and almost fun to read the need to know information. I gained much knowledge in the specifics of why the social security system is in need of reform, and why it will be inadequate in the years to come. One of the reasons our social security system

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    Submitted: May 29, 2010 By: Kevin
  • The Social Pyramid

    The Social Pyramid

    The Ancient Egyptians had a specific social pyramid, consisting of Pharaohs at the top and pheasants, tomb builders and farmers at the bottom. The social pyramid had a definite effect on how people of different status lived. The population lived as stereotypical rich and poor people. The life of the poor man greatly differed from that of the nobles or the pharaoh. The poor man's wife was the nurturer, the baker, the cook, the cleaner,

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    Submitted: December 8, 2008 By: Steve
  • Computer Security

    Computer Security

    Intruders are all around us waiting to take information from your computer system. Value information is store on your computer, credit card numbers, bank account information, and telephone numbers. Intruders have the knowledge where they can break in and attack your internet connection. Computers are target so that the intruders can tap into the internet by dial-in connection, and high speed connections. It is not only money related information that they are after but your

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    Submitted: January 24, 2009 By: Victor
  • The Watergate Crisis

    The Watergate Crisis

    Richard Nixon's presidency is one of the most examined, analyzed and discussed, yet least understood, of all the American administrations in history (Genovese 1). While many factors still remain to be discovered, and many mysteries are left to be resolved, we need to do the best that we can to make sense of this secretive president of our past and his era. He is the one American figure about whom very few people don't have

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    Submitted: February 16, 2009 By: Stenly
  • Uptian Sinclair and Socialism

    Uptian Sinclair and Socialism

    Upton Sinclair and Socialism Socialism has always been hard for me to understand. I never really grasped the concept of it until I read the book The Jungle and began to research for this paper. Before I begin I would like to go through a condensed version of the history of Socialism. It was founded in 1901 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Two groups came together to form the Socialists, the Social Democratic Party and the "Kangaroo"

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    Submitted: February 17, 2009 By: Mikki
  • The Securities and Exchange Commission

    The Securities and Exchange Commission

    Morgan Bennett Mr. Harris History Honors- Per 5 April 2001 The Securities and Exchange Commission In 1934 the Securities Exchange Act created the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) in response to the stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression of the 1930s. It was created to protect U.S. investors against malpractice in securities and financial markets. The purpose of the SEC was and still is to carry out the mandates of the Securities

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    Submitted: March 11, 2009 By: July
  • Social Studies

    Social Studies

    Social studies is defined by the Board of Director of the National Council for the social studies as, the integrated study of the social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence. Within the school program, social studies provides coordinated, systematic study drawing upon such disciplines as anthropology, archeology, economics, geography, history, law, philosophy, political science, psychology, religion, and sociology, as well as appropriate content from the humanities, mathematics, and neutral sciences. The primary purpose of

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    Submitted: March 16, 2009 By: Tommy
  • Social Change in Japan

    Social Change in Japan

    The Japanese culture has allowed for very little diversity. This started very early in their history. The social controls used to eliminate diversity are the family, the power of gender, the poor treatment of minority groups, the corporate Japanese mentality, and the respect required by people in authority. However, due to globalization and the shrinking of the world, Japanese society is starting to make the change to diversity. The individualistic mentality shared by the new

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    Submitted: March 16, 2009 By: Wendy
  • Social, Political and Economic Effects of Wwi

    Social, Political and Economic Effects of Wwi

    Social, Political and Economic Effects of WWI "Everywhere in the world was heard the sound of things breaking." Advanced European societies could not support long wars or so many thought prior to World War I. They were right in a way. The societies could not support a long war unchanged. The First World War left no aspect of European civilization untouched as pre-war governments were transformed to fight total war. The war metamorphed Europe socially,

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    Submitted: March 23, 2009 By: Top
  • Social System Analysis

    Social System Analysis

    Social Systems Assessment 1. Biophysical System A. Definition/Description- According to Longres (2000), The biophysical domain is the basic building block or infrastructure of the individual as a system. In addition to inborn capacities, this domain includes all those elements necessary for the functioning of the organism, such as the skeletal, sensorimotor, respiratory, endocrine, circulatory, waste elimination, sexual-reproductive, digestive, and nervous system. The biophysical domain is affected by genetic endowments as well as by disease, illness,

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    Submitted: November 8, 2009 By: Monika
  • Evaluation of the Relationship Between Social Involvement and Economic Performance

    Evaluation of the Relationship Between Social Involvement and Economic Performance

    Businesses engaged in social involvement incur costs as a result of their activities, so it is only natural to determine if there is a financial justification for the investment, beyond the moral and ethical. Though many studies have been conducted, the only conclusion defined as “meaningful” by our textbook is that there is little evidence that a business’s social involvement is detrimental to its long term economic performance. Some businesses do engage in socially responsible

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    Submitted: November 8, 2009 By: July

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