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My Life Based on a Puzzle

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My Life Based On A Puzzle

A puzzle could go two ways, whether it is a simple puzzle with a hundred different pieces or rather more complicated puzzle with a thousand little bits of pieces with a picture that is rather tricky to put together. Although they may all seem the same, they come in different shapes and sizes, a dot here and there. I tend to frustrate myself by forcing pieces into places they’re not fitted.. piece by piece I match and create but yet I cannot seem to complete the puzzle. The pieces are the infinite possibilities I have, the choice I make to combine one piece with another are the choices I make in my life. The pieces that don’t match are the mistakes. I have to build, and wait to see the picture.

After a while the pieces differentiate from each other. That is because I start learning more and more that some pieces just do not belong, and with each piece the picture changes more and more. Periodically, I get curious and take a step back and I look at the picture that is starting to form in front of me. That is the reflection, if not every one, including myself has to make. I reflect upon my decisions, my mistakes and no matter what; I convince myself I have to smile. No matter how strange that picture is, no matter how many colors change, and how out of nowhere it veers off in another direction. No matter how many flaws there are, I still have a picture and by having what I have, I can later on make better decisions and less mistakes and the next time when I take a step back, it will be more beautiful and those little flaws will be the things that make it so.

While I am building that puzzle I know I will come across a very strange piece. That piece will be so different from the ones I have already seen. That at first I will start to think that it doesn’t fit anywhere …. And once again frustrate myself, but time will pass and I will find the perfect piece to fit. I will find the other half. Although I said there are many bits and pieces there's two important pieces to my puzzle. The first piece is being myself, finding out who I truly am and the second piece is one I’ll be searching for, who knows how long.. Hopefully not too long. That piece will

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