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Who Am I - Personal Essay

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Who Am I        


  I am Father, son, husband , lover, enemy ,friend. I am the hopes and strengths of people long gone. I am the legs a child that they said would never walk. I am the voice of a child that they said would  never sing. I am loyalty,  to my family to my people. I am impatient and impulsive. I am one that expects a person to keep there word, but wont be surprised when they don’t.

  I am hoping that the college experience will give me the knowledge and skills I need to make an impact in the field of speech pathology. I am also hoping to forge lasting relationships with as many students and faculty as possible throughout the course of my studies and build a network of academics that could help open doors.

  I have personal reasons for seeking entry into the speech pathology field, I would rather not go in depth, however this is my motivating force and if that force were to change, I might rethink S.P. as a major but I wouldn’t leave school.  There have been a few things in my life that I haven’t completed, this wont be one of them.

I am retired, so I don’t have any career goals, this is solely a quest to gain knowledge that I can use to better the life of a loved one. In the short term I would just like to get acclimated to the college environment, join a club and earn my associates. In the long term I would like to be comfortable with school and working on an advanced degree and if its in S.P. then that means I’m also working on bettering that loved ones life. This would make me successful, which I define as attaining your goals.

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