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Leading the Way

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As the years go by, there becomes an ever-present challenge for Americans. When given the opportunity to go to college and gain a Bachelors Degree in the early 1940s, guaranteed a career, when now it only guarantees a piece of paper. As the times evolve, so does the man. A Bachelors Degree will not cut as deep like the one it would back in the day. We have to take an extra step forward, which leads to a Masters. To become a successful candidate in my community, I must aspire to the highest potential in my life experience.

For right now, when companies see that acronym, MBA, they see leadership training and management abilities. Those three letters will open a door of networking amongst fellow MBA grads and future business ventures. It is all about building business relationships with my current company and/or gaining knowledge outside of my expertise to make me a more rounded person. Learning new trades have never hurt anyone.

Gaining my MBA will assist me in advancing my career for the future. The skills needed to move forward in my area of business will give me status within my organization, but it also can support me in going outside of my organization and branching

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