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Tesla Inc Marketing Management

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1.        Introduction        

1.1.        Background to organization        

1.2.        Financial information of organization        

2.        Situation Analysis        

2.1. SWOT Analysis        

2.2.        PESTLE Analysis        

2.2.1a Policies that implicate the product        

2.2.1b influences on consumer purchase        

2.2.2 Economy Environment        

2.2.2a. impact of inflation        

2.2.2b. GDP influence on the product        

2.2.3. Socio-Culture        

2.2.4. Technological        

2.2.5. Environmental        

2.3.        Five forces        

3.0. Marketing strategy        

3.1 Mission        

3.2. Marketing objectives        

3.3. Target market        

3.4. Marketing Mix        

4.0. Conclusion        

5.0. References        

  1. Introduction

The following report would discuss about how Tesla, Inc. did in the previous few year. Tesla is an American company that established in 2003. The company main in manufacture electric vehicle. In this era, with people’s green environment awareness increases, electric car would be getting more and more customers’ attention.

  1. Background to organization

In 2003, Tesla established under Elon Musk’s investment. And the company’s primary goal was to commercialize electric vehicle, aimed at early adopters market. Then growing as rapidly as possible to join the mainstream vehicles’ market. Tesla had never earned profit before 2013. Nevertheless, after the tough transition period, they started making profit. Under the financial crisis, Elon Musk assumed leadership of the company as CEO, position he still holds today. In 2008, Tesla’s first electric vehicle had published. The first model of Tesla was based on ‘Lotus Elise’, but the powertrain component was using the Tesla’s electric technique. Even with a small among number 2,500, good news was all sold. After that, Tesla’s reputation had increased, the company began to develop other series of car. Even though company started to make profit, Elon Musk only took one dollar as his annual salary, is similar to Steven Jobs and other.

  1. Financial information of organization

According to the Tesla’s financial report, Tesla first time reported earnings in 2013. The annual revenue in 2013 was US$2.5 billion, it is 499.5% above the previous years (US$413 million). Depended on consumers start to accept the new technique and the excellent public reputation in the previous years. Tesla increased its annual output year by year. It matched the company’s goal that growing rapidly. And, the estimation in 2014 and 2015 is US$3.9 billion and US$6.1 billion respectively.

  1. Situation Analysis

Tesla Motor, Inc. is becoming popular than before. With its new technique and functional model, people are beginning to discuss about it. Unfortunately, the company only published one production as Model S. Model S classify as luxury car. The price of Model S is starting at US$75,750 to US$105,750.

2.1. SWOT Analysis


  1. Execution
  2. Range of battery


  1. Charging problem
  2. Less consumers’ understanding


  1. Big addressable market


  1. Public perspective


One of the major strength is execution. [Daniel, 2014] The execution on production, the company was manufacture about one hundred of cars in 2012 to about 22,500 in 2013. The other one is the car itself, the experience is incredible when you actually drive the car. Through the consumers report rating can see the service that Tesla provides are incredible as well.

The other one big strength of Tesla is the range of battery. That is far more than its competitors are. The Model S classifies as the luxury car, and it would touch the consumers’ requirement. This element is why Tesla is the best electric automobile manufacturer now.

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