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Reflective Essay: Stereotyping

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Reflective Essay: Stereotyping

Stereotyping has been around for many years and will be around for many more. When it comes to me and stereotyping I admit that I have probably over the years done it as much as the next person, but over time I have learned the error of my ways and I really try to take other peoples feelings into consideration when I think about saying something to them or about them. Through out this essay I will give my thoughts on stereotyping, and also tell about an experience of me stereotyping.

Stereotyping is usually a word or group of words that describes a group of people in a negative way. In the big picture I believe that stereotyping of any kind of people is a bad thing. Which leads to the persecution of certain groups of people i.e. race, age, religion, and much more. Saying these things about people can put them down or even make them angry. Also stereotyping gives children most the time false views on the people being stereotyped. There is also another side of the picture which are the people being stereotyped mostly the children when they are told something so much they usually start to believe it, so when you think about stereotyping and how it is negative what are the stereotypers teaching them other than not to better them self’s, which leads to more stereotyping. This phenomenon which has been around for so long doesn’t stop with just race but coincides with age to. How many times have people said “god that old person needs their license taken away or that kids drive like an idiot”. Well for the groups stereotyping it can be a true thing but we shouldn’t stereotype until you know that person they may be a good driver or that older person does drive slower but makes us for it in safety.

Through out my high school career I can say that I stereotyped many different kinds of people.

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