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Reflective Essay

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I rather enjoyed this course for the simple fact that if you get anything from it you get back into the swing of things when it comes to schoolwork. I enjoyed the book, I think that the Army and its leadership course almost mirror a lot of the things found in this book. I particularly found the surveys in the book where you evaluated yourself beneficial. I had for the most part already known what kind of learner I am, but it was good to be able to read and realize how I can use and improve these skills toward this new thing called college. Even in my work I can use these lessons learned to make my job easier and more organized, I can even use the surveys on my people to see about what techniques and aspects of their learning style I can use to help them do their job better.

In the GEMS exercise I learned so much valuable information about myself. For instance, my overall ratings revealed that I am a self directed person, and this is a very important characteristic of a high achiever. I am likely to strive to take charge of my work and career rather than have others in the organization do it for me. I like to accomplish things on my own. I am generally a highly motivated person who does not need to be "motivated" or "pushed" by others. However, situations where I am micro managed are likely to cause me to become de-motivated. I set demanding standards of accomplishment for myself. Getting results from my own hard work is satisfying to me. If I am not being recognized by my boss as a result of the hard work and superior performance that I am doing, I am likely to find myself experiencing high job dissatisfaction.

Something I did not particularly enjoy was the discussion boards. I now understand that they are a fundamental part of online learning but

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