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Not a Lifestyle, Its a Life

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Gregory Gross

Mrs. Dendy

Writing Workshop 2


Not a Lifestyle, It’s a Life

I chose this Sean John ad out of a Vibe magazine. In this ad Sean Combs is selling his clothes. This particular line of clothing is the advertising the Black Elite style of Sean John. Sean Combs is sitting on top of a Royce Roce. In the background is a project building. The setting of the ad is New York City. He has on thousands of dollars worth of jewelry on in this ad.

This ad goes out to all different types of age groups. The teens, middle age, and adults will be drawn to this ad. The ad doesn’t have a typed message that catches your eye; it has one of the biggest celebrities in the entertainment business right in the middle of the ad. I think the ad is conveying its message clearly. Its stating that if you buy this product, the fancy car, jewels, and popularity will be yours.

There’s not much truth in this ad. If you buy this product your life will still be the same. Not much will change about your personality. Your confidence might increase a little bit, but you’ll still be the same person inside. Sean Combs is a rich and powerful man and all that didn’t come from buying name brand clothes. It came from talent and hard work. “The clothes don’t make the man, the man make the clothes.”

This ad takes the if you buy my product you’ll be just like me approach. Almost every ad I looked through had this approach. Only ads that apply to is the ads that are selling beauty and healthcare products. If I buy a certain type of car I’m not going to be more successful in my basketball career. Theses ads are just trying

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