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  • Aerospace Engineering

    Aerospace Engineering

    Aerospace Engineering First of all, I would like to say that Aerospace Engineering is my major, so I had heard a little bit about what the lady talked about before. She basically went over the different aspects of Aerospace Engineering. I liked the majority of this presentation. The presenter explained many things that interested me. She told us about how there are now three different types of Aerospace. There is the basic airplane design part,

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    Submitted: April 29, 2010 By: Top
  • Affect of Concentration of Enzymes on Rate of Break Down of Egg White

    Affect of Concentration of Enzymes on Rate of Break Down of Egg White

    Enzyme concentrations Hypothesis The higher the concentration of protease enzyme the higher the rate of breakdown of the egg white. This is because egg white is mainly formed of collagen, which is a protein, which is what the enzyme protease breaks down. The more enzyme there is the more enzyme substrate complexes are formed which break down peptide links between the monomers of the protein accelerating the amount of protein broken down in a space

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  • Affects on Volcano

    Affects on Volcano

    Affects of Volcanoes The plates which are about 20 miles thick, make up the earth's crust and are a chief cause of volcanic activity. These plates are always in motion. They move very slowly, however some at times bump in to each other. These movements put a lot of pressure on the surface rock. Volcanoes obtain their energies from such movement and pressure. Volcanoes form at the boundaries of these plate where two types of

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    Submitted: December 25, 2009 By: Janna
  • Affluenza


    Affluenza After considering the symptoms of affluenza, I can easily say that only one is true of me. The only one I agree with is that I am running out of room to store my stuff, so I do not have affluenza. Even though I am not infected with affluenza, there are a large number of people in developed countries who are. It can be a very bad thing to have, though there are some

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    Submitted: January 12, 2010 By: Jon
  • Affordable Care Plan

    Affordable Care Plan

    AFFORDABLE CARE PLAN Affordable Care Plan Abstract The Affordable care plan normally referred to as Obamacare symbolizes a US federal decree that was approved into regulation by President Obama in early 2010. The policy coerces insurers to go by the set decrees, prohibiting them from being prejudiced against anybody having a pre-existing circumstance, dropping people’s coverage when they fall unwell, charging people into impoverishment due to cancer infection, and controlling people’s yearly or permanent benefits.

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    Submitted: July 29, 2014 By: omondistep
  • Africa: Wildlife, Landforms and Climate

    Africa: Wildlife, Landforms and Climate

    Witch doctors, psychics, mediums, spiritualists are but just a few of the many names associated with Shamans. Many of us have heard these names echoed since childhood, but do we really know who these people are? In the United States these people are viewed as outcast; there hasn’t been a need for them in a very long time. Science, and modern technology have exiled the Shaman into the fringe of society. They remain a mystery

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    Submitted: December 6, 2009 By: Jon
  • African Ecosystem

    African Ecosystem

    African Ecosystem African Ecosystem The individual organism being a lion on the African wilderness is an endanger species that struggles in life to feed it self, and its pack members. In Africa there are animals that need to eat other animals to survive, and the lion is on the top chain. The producers of these ecosystems are plant that animals consume to survive in the harsh environment that Africa percents to this animals. The

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    Submitted: November 19, 2009 By: Yan
  • African Elephant

    African Elephant

    The common name is the African Elephant, the scientific name is Loxodonta Africana, the phylum is Vertebrata, the class is Mammalia, the order is Proboscidea, and the family is Elephantidae. The Closest Relatives to the African Elephant are: the Asian Elephant, mammoths, primitive proboscidean (mastodons), sea cows, and hyraxes. Scientists believe that the African Elephant evolved from one of its closest relatives, the Sea Cow. The geographical location and range of the African elephant covers

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    Submitted: December 31, 2009 By: Top
  • African Violets

    African Violets

    My science fair project is on the lighting conditions of the African Violet plant. The African Violet plant comes from Africa and dates back hundreds of years. It is one of the more difficult of the plants to grow because it is a plant that blooms flowers and needs to be treated as a bulb. It is a small house plant with thick, dark green leaves. The blossoms come in many different colors such as

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    Submitted: January 16, 2009 By: Anna
  • Agarose Gel Electrophoresis

    Agarose Gel Electrophoresis

    AGAROSE GEL ELECTROPHORESIS Gel electrophoresis is a widely used technique for the analysis of nucleic acids and proteins. Most every molecular biology research laboratory routinely uses agarose gel electrophoresis for the preparation and analysis of DNA. We will be using agarose gel electrophoresis to determine the presence and size of PCR products. Background: Electrophoresis is a method of separating substances based on the rate of movement while under the influence of an electric field. Agarose

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    Submitted: February 24, 2010 By: Jessica
  • Age of Stellar Cluster

    Age of Stellar Cluster

    Purpose: to become familiar with the image analysis program and to develop an understanding to the size and age of planetary nebulae Procedure The first part of the experiment involved using a picture of a church and back round to understand different pixels, ADU, zoom, and how to get the (x,y) coordinates. We then took this brief understanding of pictures and applied it to the stars. We loaded a picture of nebulae m42. After this

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    Submitted: January 2, 2010 By: Artur
  • Agenda21


    Agenda 21, also referred to as Earth Summit, is an all-inclusive plan of action that is to be completed globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, governments, and major environmental groups in every area in which humans impact the environment. Agenda 21, the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, and the Statement of principles for the Sustainable Management of Forests were all adopted by more than 178 governments at the

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    Submitted: December 28, 2009 By: Venidikt
  • Aging in America

    Aging in America

    Depression late in life is a serious public health concern facing the elderly population and the combination of depression with other illnesses is a significant problem in older people and it increases levels of disability. An association between late-onset depression and brain abnormalities and vascular disease has been noted. Late-life depression with cognitive impairment that is reversed by antidepressant treatment may be a predictor of irreversible dementia. Hormones may play an important role in depression

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    Submitted: December 20, 2009 By: Mike
  • Aging in Us

    Aging in Us

    Today, the strides made in our health care and standard of living, 43 million Americans have celebrated their 60th birthday. Improved healthcare programs, such as Social Security, Medicare and pension plans, have made it possible for most Americans to enjoy almost 14 years of retirement with a degree of economic security that few older people had at the turn of the century-years that offer the opportunity for leisure activities, second careers, and volunteer service. Nevertheless,

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    Submitted: May 22, 2010 By: Jessica
  • Agrobacterium


    INTRODUCTION Agrobacterium Tumefaciens is an aerobic gram negative bacteria that is commonly known as a causal agent of Crown Gall disease in a wide array of plants. Agrobacterium Tumefaciens uses horizontal gene transfer “which is any process in which an organism transfers genetic material to another cell that is not its offspring.” (Black, Microbiology, pg13) to cause tumors in plants. It causes tumors by transferring a small segment of its DNA and inserting itself in

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    Submitted: December 14, 2009 By: Top
  • Aids


    AIDS - What's new ? By: Eric Quinley E-mail: AIDS - What's new ? ------------------- Is the message getting through? We already know enough about AIDS to prevent its spread, but ignorance, complacency, fear and bigotry continue to stop many from taking adequate precautions. We know enough about how the infection is transmitted to protect ourselves from it without resorting to such extremes as mandatory testing, enforced quarantine or total celibacy. But too few

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    Submitted: November 15, 2009 By: Jon
  • Aids


    Introduction: Attention: Do you know how many people died from AIDS everyday or how many children have become orphan because of AIDS? Importance: AIDS or Immunodeficiency Syndrome is a fatal disease from a virus name HIV. This disease has no cure and exist since 1980. Credibility : Being concerned by AIDS and its consequences I decided to get some informations about this disease. Preview: I hope to give you a general idea of what AIDS

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    Submitted: December 13, 2009 By: Mike
  • Aids


    To talk about AIDS today, one has also to talk about sexuality. Nowadays AIDS is largely related to sexual activities since AIDS is a consequence of the virus HIV, which can be transmitted during sexual relations. The movie that we saw, Philadelphia, deals with this. It tells the story of a homosexual man who contracted HIV during sexual intercourse with another man. After some years he starts to suffer from AIDS and the discrimination that

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    Submitted: January 1, 2010 By: Jack
  • Aids


    You can get tested for HIV in a number of locations -- including public clinics, AIDS organizations, physicians' offices, and hospitals. Many locations give the test for free. You can choose between anonymous tests, in which you do not give your name to the HealthCare provider, or confidential tests, in which you do give your name. Test sites should provide trained counselors who can offer you support and guidance, no matter what the test

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  • Aids


    Misery loves company; unless it is the person you love. There is nothing like the guilt of causing harm to the one person who brings you the most joy and happiness the world has to offer. Love can conquer all things however; even things that are out of one’s control. But then that in itself can be an issue. Can it be possible to determine what is in our hands or apart of God’s plan?

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    Submitted: March 8, 2010 By: Jessica
  • Aids


    37 million people in this world are living with AIDS. AIDS has already claimed the lives of 12 million people. As a result, the goal is to create a vaccine that can be used around the world to stop the spread of HIV. Vaccines are usually made of attenuated viruses that are capable of reproducing and invoking an immune response, but they cannot cause the disease. HIV holds many problems for making the human vaccine.

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    Submitted: April 17, 2010 By: Mike
  • Aids


    If you are living with HIV or AIDS, you need many kinds of support -- medical, emotional, psychological, and, yes, financial. Your doctor, your local health and social services departments, your local AIDS service organization, and your local library can aid you in finding all kinds of help: answers to your questions about HIV and AIDS doctors, insurance, and help in making health care decisions food, housing, and transportation planning to meet financial and

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    Submitted: April 26, 2010 By: Yan
  • Aids


    AIDS/HIV - Worldwide Pandemic Acquired immune deficiency syndrome, also known as AIDS, is a disease effecting the human immune system which is triggered from human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). AIDS is usually transfered through bodily fluids, such as blood, as well as contaminated hypodermic needles. AIDS is now known as a pandemic. An estimated 33.2 million people live with the disease worlds in 2007. It has also killed approximately 2.1 million people, which includes 330,000 children.

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    Submitted: May 12, 2010 By: genny
  • Aids


    Summary In my report , I am going to get information about aids ,I want people to know more about HIV ,AIDS and every information about this virus .first of all what I want people to know What is HIV?, Why is HIV dangerous?, And what's AIDS? Also there is a lot of information I gathered about how long HIV will become AIDS, how to prevent AIDS, what are the causes of AIDS (how it

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    Submitted: May 31, 2010 By: Venidikt
  • Aids - What's New?

    Aids - What's New?

    AIDS - What's new ? ------------------- Is the message getting through? We already know enough about AIDS toprevent its spread, but ignorance, complacency, fear and bigotry continue to stop many from taking adequate precautions to stop the risk of getting the aids virus. We know enough about how the infection is transmitted to protect ourselves from it without resorting to such extremes as mandatory testing, enforced quarantine or total celibacy. But too few people

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    Submitted: April 28, 2010 By: Janna
  • Aids and Pregnancy

    Aids and Pregnancy

    AIDS and Pregnancy 1. Definition/Description: The name of the disorder is AIDS and pregnancy. The virus that is known as AIDS can be transmitted from an infected mother to her newborn child. 20-30% of babies that come from infected mothers get HIV (4). 2. Pathophysiology: Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is the causative agent for AIDS. The most common type is known as HIV-1 and is the infectious agent that has led to the worldwide AIDS

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    Submitted: January 25, 2010 By: Jessica
  • Aids Epidemic

    Aids Epidemic

    Nearly 40 million people worldwide have contracted the HIV or AIDS virus. Frighteningly, it is estimated that more than half of those people are unaware that they have contracted the virus and are likely to pass it to another person. Considering the deadly implications of this behavior more education is needed worldwide to conquer this outbreak. One reason why HIV is so deadly is its ability to compromise the human immune system. “T-helper cells” or

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    Submitted: February 11, 2010 By: Max
  • Aids Hiv

    Aids Hiv

    In 1981, the first cases of severe immune system deterioration were recognized developed unusual infections. The new disease was later named "AIDS". At that time, no one knew what was causing the disease. Since then, science has shown that the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is the cause of AIDS. As HIV infection progresses, it weakens a person's ability to fight off diseases. By attacking the immune system, the virus leaves people more susceptible to other

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    Submitted: April 5, 2010 By: Mike
  • Air and Water Pollution Plan in Valparaiso, Indiana

    Air and Water Pollution Plan in Valparaiso, Indiana

    The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that more than 120 million Americans live in areas where the air is unhealthy. The Bush administration developed a plan called the Clear Skies initiative and submitted it to Congress in February 2003 as a proposal to amend the Clean Air Act, which is the primary federal law governing air quality. But "Clear Skies" is a clear misnomer, because if Congress passes the Clear Skies bill, the result will be

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    Submitted: December 26, 2009 By: Mike
  • Air Bags - Assets or Assault

    Air Bags - Assets or Assault

    Airbags inflate in a fraction of a second after a high to moderate collision occurs. Airbags are meant to offer a support and cushion to the head when a crash takes place. The second that a crash begins. The sensor tells the bag to inflate. Inflation happens when there is a collision force 16 to 24 km per hour. The sensors receive information from an accelerometer which is a device that measures acceleration in the

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    Submitted: May 31, 2010 By: Tommy

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