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Freedom Is the only Way Now!

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Essay title: Freedom Is the only Way Now!

Freedom is the Only Way Now!

From the creative mind of Trey Parker comes South Park and Team America: World Police, which is well known for their ruthless humor and unpredictable gags. When coming out with a full length feature film as Trey Parker did, there are shoes to be filled if you are the creator of such a popular show such as South Park. Albeit, that this was not the first film Parker wrote, this movie was especially hyped up because of its extraordinary Cartoons. The Cartoons are not exactly cartoons but puppets. Team America: World Police is and action adventure comedy that stands head and shoulders above the rest because of the witty humor it presents and message it sends to people across The United States.

Team America: World Police is about fighting world crime. The team itself believes the whole world just loves them and that they are the cops that everyone needs. They are the ones with the ships and the guns, so they are the ones that have to do it. Team America has good attitudes towards the work they do when really they just go around and shoot people. This is taking a stab at this fine country of ours and making a big goof about what we do as Americans. People across the globe really feel this way about us but we do it anyway because we have the ships and guns to do it and no one will stop us. This film could not come at a better time then when it did to make the country stop and look at what fools we may portray ourselves to be.

Team America: World Police is a laugh out loud film for many reasons. The main reason is easily seen when looking at the trailer for this film. There are no actors or cartoonist, but instead there are puppets and puppeteers. Puppets were used in Team America: World Police throughout the whole film. This was done for a reason and this reason is the same reason in which why South Park is made in construction paper. Reason number one is simple; it is funny and it not used by many film makers. When was the last time a person made a film using only puppets? Reason two is the same reason in which why South Park is made in construction paper. In this day and age wouldn’t it be even more hilarious to take two huge steps backwards and do a film with puppets when we have the technology to make films using computer animation and computer graphics? This is why South Park is made with construction paper, Trey Parker could easily animate South Park and Team America: Wold Police the old fashion way, but that would take away the clever keenness of the film.

Trey Parker wants people to take this movie totally serious because that is what makes the film totally funny. A big part of Team America is doing a big, huge Hollywood spectacle event movie, but with puppets. An easy way Trey Parker must have thought is if he took a serious movie and redid it with puppets. So basically if one would take a Bruckheimer film and redo it using puppets in place of actors, it would be the funniest movie ever. In fact, what Parker wanted to do was take the movie Armageddon do it with puppets and not change a single line from the movie itself. This is comedy at its best because it shouldn’t be funny, but if you look closer, it really is. The simple fact is that watching a puppet in a car go off a cliff and crash makes one laugh because we know that there is this actual, real, physical little thing that got messed up.

In Team America: World Police there are plenty of cameos made by every A-list actor in Hollywood. They really were not in the film but they were there in form of a puppet. This just spells comedy right out. When they are made into puppets the puppeteers could really have the actor/puppet do anything they want. Trey Parker must really despise actors because he really lets them have it in this film. These puppets were made to be destroyed and killed by Team America. The actors don’t know what really goes on with the terrorism that goes on but they open their mouths and try to pretend they do when they really don’t. Funny, this happens in the movie as well as real life. In the movie the Film Actors Guild (FAG for short!), led by Alec Baldwin tries to stop Team America by physically fighting them when really Team America is stopping a terrorist. All of the actors in the movie Team America: World Police are poorly made and represented because it is funny. This movie pokes at actors because it really is so easy to do. Trey Parker takes away a lot from them because so many people just love celebrities and he does the opposite. He does not embrace them he shuns them for the work they do.

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