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Marketing Management

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Essay title: Marketing Management

We are at the end of AIU Brainstorming conference has been going over all of the elements necessary for a Marketing Plan. Within this marketing plan we will discuss all topics which include their Objectives and Mission Statement, Customer Targets, Competitor Targets, Product/ Service Features, Core Strategy, Marketing Mix (Communication and Promotion), prices, Product Policy, Channels of Distribution, and Customer Relationship Management.

Objectives and Mission statement

Our mission is to meet and exceed our customer's expectations by delivering superior service and exceptional value through fashionable quality merchandise and motivated, friendly employees who perform with pride and dedication.

The short term objectives are to launch fragrance into the market by August 2005 and to have 100% of distribution outlets stocking the good within the first 2 months - in order to increase awareness of the product amongst the target market, it is important to follow up the initial launch of the female fragrance with continuing advertising.

Launch female fragrance placing focus on customer feedback. This will provide information on usage, channels of distribution and impact on the brand. Has the image of a solely manly brand been diminished or does attention need to be more focused on this goal.

Launch a men’s fragrance based on the essence of the female product. This objective will only be put in action of feedback is positive on the female fragrance. A men’s fragrance will be considered after a minimum of 6 months retail on the female fragrance.

Customer Targets

The total market, is that of the female fragrance one, within which there has been vastly varying sales performance. Whereas, according to a number of marketing surveys this actual market as a whole has been in decline, there is one segment which has managed to buck the trend, growing

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